The Fizzy Navel Cocktail

Did you know the Screwdriver cocktail got it’s name from using an actual screwdriver as a mixing agent? Being the queen of useless trivia, I wish I could say I did know this, but alas, I had to look it up. One story includes American oil workers, working overseas, discreetly added orange juice to their vodka while on the job, mixing it with a screwdriver. Hence, the screwdriver. Another story involves the Prohibition days. Bootleggers would try to mask the alchol with fruit juices. The moonshine was still pretty strong, even with the juice, so Prohibition agents could figure out who was drinking alcohol based on the “screw” response on the patron’s faces. Either way, the screwdriver has been a cocktail favorite for decades. One of the best parts of a screwdriver is being able to spruce it up with add-ins. I present to you: the fizzy navel. It’s a refreshing twist on an old classic.

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6 Simple Words that will Change your Parenting

I love a good life hack. Whether it’s a million and one uses for binder clips or the markdown schedule at Target, I adore anything that makes my life easier. Parenting is no exception, and there are certain “hacks” I have learned to make our lives as Mom and Dad infinitely easier.

Jo Frost or “Supernanny” helped us emensily with this when our kids were younger. Teaching our kids to freeze the second we yelled STOP was a game changer. It allowed them freedom while we were out and about but we were still able to keep them safe.

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DIY Laundry Detergent

Dave Ramsey says, “Debt is normal. Be weird!” Along your debt-free journey, you will do some weird things to save money: no cable tv, make your own yogurt, and, something I thought I would never too, make your own laundry soap. I never considered making my own laundry soap because I thought I didn’t have the space for it. Where would I put 4 gallons of laundry soap in my 10 square foot laundry area?! However, this method for making powdered laundry detergent is just another thing in a long list of things that makes me weird.

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“It’s not tv, it’s HBO.”

HBO has been producing killer content for close to 20 years now. They changed the game in regards to tv comedy and drama. Not every one grew up with it as part of their cable package, but today it is easier than ever to get HBO programing right to your tv without a cable or satellite tv package.


“HBO NOW is the standalone streaming service that gives you all of HBO—no TV package required.” To get access to past favorites as well as current blockbuster series, you simply go to to sign up for a free month, then 14.99 a month after, which you can cancel anytime. You can watch tv series, movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and sports! You can stream through your smart tv, game console, phone or tablet, and computer. They make it so easy!

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Home Alone Family Movie Night

“Guys, I’m eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me!” Kevin McCallister is living the dream. He can sled down the front steps, eat popcorn while jumping on the bed, even snoop through his brother’s things. There is just one problem. He is home alone on Christmas, oh and some robbers are trying to break into his house, but STILL! A kid without his family on Christmas is heartbreaking. No presents. No Christmas dinner. Did I mention, no presents!!

If you haven’t caught on, I am talking about the movie “Home Alone.” I LOVE this movie! It’s a nostalgic holiday movie from my generation I love sharing with my kids. It is a must see during the holiday season. Kids and adults can both enjoy this movie during holiday family time.

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