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10 Alternative Movies for Date Night

Need date night ideas? Date night at home is a way to reconnect with your spouse, while watching some great movies. Look to your relationship for clues on what movies to select for your next date night as a married couple.

I’m a huge advocate for dating your spouse. Once you become parents, the logistics of dating becomes much more cumbersome: babysitters, reservations, money. Which is why many couples prefer the at-home date night. Movie night, usually, being the top choice.

I’m not the type to make my husband watch a chick flick or something romantic just because it is date night. And I don’t know about you, but with all the choices that are streaming these days, it is so hard to choose a movie! New movie? Old movie? Comedy? Drama? So I put together a list of 10 “Alternative Movies” to watch on date night, and my reasons for picking them. I hope it sparks an idea for you!

1. Titanic

Ok before you yell at me about watching the typical sappy cinema, Titanic was the movie we went to on our first date. Relive your past and watch your first date movie

2. What Dreams May Come

This movie is intense. Besides Titanic (someone I know bawled like a baby at the scene with the old couple’s room flooding) this was the first movie my husband and I saw together that we broke down and cried at. Like ugly cry. It wasn’t pretty. Everyone needs a good cry at times. This movie does the trick.

3. Moulin Rouge

Again, another chick flick BUT our first dance at our wedding was to Come What May from Moulin Rouge. Pick a movie that inspired your wedding song, first dance song, hell your honeymoon. Anything to do with your wedding.

4. The Princess Bride

I’m not going to defend this one. It’s a great movie. I quote it all the time. If you don’t like it, we couldn’t be friends

5. Fight Club

Like I said, I don’t like to make my husband watch chick flicks, although my previous choices may question that, but if your husband REFUSES to watch them. Pick out an action movie with a lead man who floats your boat. Tyler Durden could be the best thing the movies has ever produced.

6. It Happened One Night

This movie is from the 1930’s starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. It’s probably one of my favorite classic movies of all time. The classics are great for checking out on date night.

7. Silence of the Lambs

This movie scares the bejeezus out of me ever.single.time. Choose your favorite scary movie, get scared, and cuddle

8. 10 Things I Hate About You.

This is my favorite teen movie from the 90’s. What’s yours?

9. The Breakfast Club

Or select your favorite romantic comedy from the 80’s.

10. Love and Lust

What do I mean by this? Date night is all about love and lust. I’ll let this eCard explain.

Whichever choice suits your relationship, go with that one. Get your geek on with Star Wars or watch some romantic drivel.

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