Foodie Friday – Thanksgiving Favorites

It’s almost time for my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! A nice relaxing weekend, revolved around food. My fat ass is in! For Friday Favorites this week I am gonna share a few things I found around the intertubes. Specifically for those in need of something to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner. These days so many people have several Thanksgivings to attend and aren’t always making a dinner. You may need to bring the host a gift or contribute to a potluck. So I have a quick little roundup of some cute Thanksgiving finds. Enjoy!!

I love these simple, easy lantern decorations. Gourds, pumpkins, and other fall finds are  put into a lantern for a quick and cute table or outdoor decoration. This would make a great hostess gift. I saw lanterns like these at Target for around 25 bucks. You can change it up for each season or just put in a candle. I loves me some candles :)
Lantern decoration

Cheese Tray
This turkey shaped cheese tray from “A Beautiful Mess” is totally something I wouldn’t make. (Too many cheese trays made in my teen years) But it is adorable!! The perfect addition to a Thanksgiving feast.
Turkey Shaped Cheese Tray 

Dinner Rolls
These cloverleaf rolls are to die for! My husband makes them for every holiday dinner we make at home. So yummy. If you love to bake, this is a great dish to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. You can’t beat homemade bread.
Cloverleaf dinner rolls

This nutella dip isn’t really Thanksgiving’y but it is delicious. And who doesn’t love Nutella?! It’s a great last minute, quick fix recipe that everyone will want to dig into.
Creamy Nutella Dip

Everyone thinks of cookies as a Christmas tradition, but why not add cookies to your Thanksgiving spread to have something to nosh on. This soft glazed pumpkin sugar cookies fit the bill. I may have to make these for our Thanksgiving next week.
Soft Glazed Pumpkin Sugar Cookies 

Maple syrup, good. Apple Cider, good. Bourbon, goooooood. Friends? Anyone? C’mon! This fall cocktail looks perfect for the holidays. My husband and I are splerging on a giant bottle of bourbon for Christmas. Priorities people :)
Maple Bourbon Cider

I hope all of you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by :)

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