What I Can’t Teach my daughters

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Being a mom to 2 daughters in an incredible blessing. They are sweet, sassy, and loving. BUT! As a mom to girls, their are a few things I can't teach them.

Being a parent isn’t just about teaching your kids the things you DO know. It’s also about making sure they learn about the things you DON’T know. I, for example, am a dowdy biker trash frump. Well, my style is anyway. Fashion is certainly not my forte, and I don’t expect my children to grow up with no fashion sense whatsoever. So what is a mother to do?

Hire a personal stylist!! Nope. The next thing closest to one: my sister! She knows all things girly, and she has no daughters to pass on all her frilly knowledge. Meanwhile, my husband has no sons to pass along his “man training” to. So the only logical thing to do would be to trade childen. Well, swap trade secrets anyway. I wouldn’t trade my children. Except during the witching hour, then I would probably pay someone to take them 😉

1. How to style an outfit. As you can see, Fofo is in desperate need of an intervention.

Overalls. And later she completed the look with snow boots. Even I know that is a no-no

2. How to apply make-up. My mom taught me how to apply make-up probably 20 years ago. I think the times have changed. My girls deserve to learn how to “put their face on” from someone who puts make-up more than once a fiscal year.

3. How to decorate. My husband and I have lived in our home for almost 9 years. We have 2 rooms and one wall painted. Yeah. We have no clue what we are doing. Actually, we are the two most indecisive people on the planet. Our daughters should know more about decorating a home than what movie posters to put up in their office (Lord of the Rings and Star Wars btw)

4. How to be a super sports fanatic. My husband isn’t into to sports at all, besides hockey of course. I, being a lifelong Cubs and Vikings fan, have learned the agony of defeat too many times and am just beaten down by the whole sports thing. From my sister, my kids can learned to sports fanatics bordering on stalking.

5. How to order a drink at a bar. This is always something my sister wanted to teach me and never got the opportunity so she can pass on to the next generation. And most importantly how to tip appropriately.

What skill do you lack to teach your kids? Do you have girlie skills to pass on to your daughters?


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