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Feeding Kids Shouldn’t be so Complicated!!

Why I no longer feel guilty about my kids eating habits!

Mom guilt about picky eaters

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Life is really simple. We insist on making it complicated.” I’m not sure if he had any children, but I think if he was alive today he would find that we have made parenthood insanely complicated. Especially when it comes to feeding our kids.

As parents we put WAAAAAY to much pressure on ourselves in regards to our children’s eating habits. First we fret about breast vs. bottle. Then, we worry about if our toddlers are actually eating anything since most of it seems to end up on the floor. We worry about picky eaters, food aversions, and mealtime battles. We feel guilty if other kids have better appetites than our kids! I swear, the worrying never ends! read more

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How to Organize a Routine with Young Children

Five easy steps to organizing a routine with young children.

Do you feel like you are in survival mode with your kids? In this post learn how to organize a routine with young children to bring joy back into your home.

Do you remember the day when you were left alone with the kids for the first time? Those few weeks after birth certainly aren’t the easiest but most moms have their husbands or moms, mother-in-laws, or sisters around to help them. If you didn’t, oh my word do I pray for you.

But eventually everyone goes home and hubby goes back to work. I may have cried that first night my husband went to work and left me home with a toddler and a newborn. If you are in those trenches, I feel for you. Those early days of motherhood are really, really hard. BUT setting up a routine for your family is one way you can help yourself out. A simple but structured day can save your sanity. read more

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Minimalist Travel

Minimalist travel: surviving a road trip in a Mini Cooper.

minimalist travel

In February of 2016, our family hit a fun milestone. Our first family vacation! We spent a week and half in sunny Florida with my parents. We visited Daytona Beach and ended the week in Orlando visiting Disney World! It was an amazing time, but it wasn’t without its challenges. You see, we don’t own a van or an SUV. We went to Florida and back in a Mini Cooper. You read that right. A Mini Cooper with 5.7 cubic feet of cargo space plus 2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 booster seats. So as you can imagine, I know a little bit about minimalistic travel 😉 read more

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5 Positive Parenting Books That Will Change Your Life

No one told you there would be homework when it came to parenting, but with these five positive parenting books, you will feel like an expert in no time!

Positive Parenting Books

They say kids don’t come with instruction manuals, but they kind of do. A simple Amazon search of “parenting books” yields 228,572 results. My local library: 1681 results! The resources for parents are out there. It’s the sorting through them that is daunting and, at times, discouraging. Today I am sharing 5 parenting books I absolutely love and highly recommend. read more

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6 Word Parenting Hack

Six word parenting hack to help you learn how to stop yelling at your kids!

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

I love a good life hack. Whether it’s a million and one uses for binder clips or the markdown schedule at Target, I adore anything that makes my life easier. Parenting is no exception, and there are certain “hacks” I have learned to make our lives as Mom and Dad infinitely easier.

Jo Frost or “Supernanny” helped us immensely with this when our kids were younger. Teaching our kids to freeze the second we yelled STOP was a game changer. It allowed them freedom while we were out and about but we were still able to keep them safe. read more