Peach Cobbler Cocktail

A peach tea cocktail recipe which tastes just like the dessert peach cobbler!

Peach Tea

The smell of warm peach tea screams dessert. While I was experimenting with drink recipes, I knew I had a winner when the flavor tasted just like peach cobbler. Amazing!!

The inspiration for this recipe came from my peach iced tea. When Kate posted her recipe she mentioned you can add liquor to make a cocktail so I started experimenting. Even though the tea and the booze was good together it needed a little extra umph. The solution to any problem you are have when creating a drink is carbonation. In my opinion, it takes any cocktail over the top. Lemon lime soda is usually my go-to mixer when it comes to cocktails. It has the right on the sweetness, it isn’t overpowering, and the flavor is complementary to pretty much any drink you’re going to make.

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Peach Iced Tea

Peach iced tea: sweet and refreshing for hot summer days; comforting and rich on cold winter nights.

“What the hell is pop?” could be my most favoritest Daryl Dixon quote ever!! It’s soda people. SODA! Even though I grew up in the Midwest, I still call it soda, thanks to my husband.

Soda is delicious, but it isn’t the best cold drink for you. During the summer months you want a cold, refreshing cold drink. And sometimes you want something other than water. Iced tea to the rescue!!

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Brandy Old Fashioned, Wisconsin’s Cocktail

Wisconsin’s version of the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, the Brandy Old Fashioned! Sweet or sour, it’s a perfect evening cocktail.

Brandy Old Fashioned

Let me tell you a story, a story about a woman who lived in Wisconsin for almost 10 years before truly embracing the state drink: the Brandy Old Fashioned. Before you judge me too harshly, it didn’t take me so long to embrace New Glarus Spotted Cow, but that is besides the point 😉 I think I can officially label myself a Wisconsonite as the Brandy Old Fashioned is one of my favorite cocktails!

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The Fizzy Navel Cocktail

Did you know the Screwdriver cocktail got it’s name from using an actual screwdriver as a mixing agent? Being the queen of useless trivia, I wish I could say I did know this, but alas, I had to look it up. One story includes American oil workers, working overseas, discreetly added orange juice to their vodka while on the job, mixing it with a screwdriver. Hence, the screwdriver. Another story involves the Prohibition days. Bootleggers would try to mask the alchol with fruit juices. The moonshine was still pretty strong, even with the juice, so Prohibition agents could figure out who was drinking alcohol based on the “screw” response on the patron’s faces. Either way, the screwdriver has been a cocktail favorite for decades. One of the best parts of a screwdriver is being able to spruce it up with add-ins. I present to you: the fizzy navel. It’s a refreshing twist on an old classic.

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Foodie Friday – Strawberry Banana Smoothie

A strawberry banana smoothie recipe made with yogurt and almond milk. Healthy and kids love it!

Woot! It’s Friday!! My husband had Monday off this week, so it was a short week in our house but we have a fun weekend planned. My daughter has gymnastics on Saturday and afterwards we are going to check out a German heritage festival. We have lived here for 8 years and have never attended but when you have kids you will try anything to tire them out 😉 Jason is excited to check out the car show with Fofo. Whatever your plans, I hope you have fun, fall weekend!!

Along with trying to tire you kids out, when you become a parent you do your best to make sure they are eating right. Louis CK has a great bit on the frustration that consumes you when your child will not eat: “If you’re skinny, I go to jail. Do you understand!” As I side note, I spent 15 minutes trying to find that exact quote. I could do that all day. I love Louis. Moving on. One thing I make that my kids will always have, is a smoothie. Personally, I think my kids love them because they don’t have to stop and eat. They can drink and run. Come back in a couple minutes and drink and run. Today I am going to share my basic smoothie recipe I make for my girls every couple of days: a simple strawberry and banana smoothie.

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