Burger Call Saul

Burger Call Saul!!! A perfect theme night for watching Better Call Saul.


As a trivia guru, I am ashamed I didn’t know what a Bacon number is!! A Bacon number is the number of connections between a certain actor and Kevin Bacon in the trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Don’t ask how my brain gets on these tangents. I was thinking of the connection between the two main characters on Better Call Saul and Bob’s Burgers which sent me down an internet loophole. Don’t judge. I already judge myself enough.

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Korean Beef and Rice

Korean beef is a quick, cheap, and satisfying meal that will leave your family begging for seconds!!


Life on a budget doesn’t have to be boring. But let’s face it. Sometimes ground beef dinners can be boring: hamburgers, chili, meatloaf, repeat. This is why I am so glad my sister shared this recipe with me for Korean beef: a sweet and spicy ground beef dish served over rice. It’s a cheaper and faster version of the Korean bbq dish bulgogi. It saves me time, money, and my family devours it!!

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The Secret to the Best Pizza Ever


I don’t like to brag but I make some pretty delicious pizza. I know, I know. I said the same thing about my chocolate chip cookies, but the pizza is pretty BA if I do say so myself. Pizza is, after all, the perfect food. It’s portable, cheesy, and it is the perfect bite! I know it’s very easy to order a pizza these days, but I think everyone should give homemade pizza a try! And the secret to great pizza is all in the dough.

I have 2 basic tips when it comes to making pizza. One, it all starts with the dough. It’s part art and part science when it comes to pizza dough. And don’t be surprised if you have to try a couple of times for it to be perfect. Don’t get me wrong, if you make this dough it will turn out great! But if you want it to be perfect, you may need a couple of cracks at it. Tip number two is invest in a pizza stone. It is a game changer people. Trust me.

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

oatmeal raisin cookies

Raisins. Man, raisins become the bane of your existence when you are a mom. They are soft and chewy so they are perfect for little ones to eat. But their little, grubby hands can’t seem to hold on to them!! So you eventually find raisins everywhere. All over the floor, couch cushions, car seats, stuck to the bottom of your shoes, ahem-in their diapers 🤦🏻‍♀️ Eventually, kids move out of the toddler eating phase but don’t abandon those raisins! I don’t normally advocate for raisins in anything. EXCEPT for oatmeal raisin cookies. And the truth is these oatmeal raisin cookies are THE best: chewy, cinnamon-y, and with oats and dried fruit, they are super, duper healthy as far as cookies go.

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The BEST Chunky Granola

Oh hi! Sorry. Didn’t notice you there. I was too busy scarfing down this granola. Very stealthily, of course, because if my children catch me they will want a piece. You see, this granola is a hot commodity in this house. Get it while you can because it goes fast!! Not only is this granola super yummy and easy to make, it is a perfect companion to anything that needs a crunchy topping. This recipe makes the BEST chunky granola.

Our family puts this granola on yogurt and oatmeal, as well as having pieces to nosh on. It’s basically a granola bar the size of sheet pan. Fine by me! I lived on granola bars growing up and if I bought them as much as I wanted to, today, my grocery budget would explode! It’s why I am so glad to have this recipe in my repertoire.

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