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Thanksgiving Recipe Planning

5 simple tips for Thanksgiving recipe planning.

Thanksgiving recipes are everywhere right now. So how do you take ideas for Thanksgiving decorations, appetizers, desserts, etc and turn it into a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner? Check out my 5 tips for Thanksgiving recipe planning help you how to plan a killer meal for Thanksgiving, and enjoy it too!!!

Thanksgiving has all the elements of a perfect holiday: food, family, and fun. I love sitting down to a big meal. I love spending time with all my family, and despite my introverted nature, I do like fun 😉 But let’s face it, planning a Thanksgiving meal can be stressful, expensive, and tedious. But it doesn’t have to be!! With my five tips, you can plan a delicious meal, have fun preparing it, and actually sit down and enjoy your meal. read more

Food and Drink, Meal Planning, Tips and Tricks

Stocking your Pantry

9 Pantry Essentials for Stocking your Pantry

Meal planning on a budget is no easy task. To help ease the pain of meal planning, stocking your pantry is a must. For tips on what to put in your pantry (plus a free printable!) Click here!

In my previous Foodie Friday post, I discussed our families method of meal planning (click here for the full post) One of the most important things, if not the most important thing, to help meal planning go smoothly is a well-stocked pantry. It’s such an awesome feeling to put something together from your basic pantry ingredients.

This ability helped me a lot when I was at my sister’s house helping out after her twins were born. Of course my two girls were with me so I needed to make meals with what was in the house. One night she remarked, “How do you keep making all this? We have, like, no food.” Basically I am the best. Just kidding. Sorta. Anyway, it just goes to show that with a knowledge of cooking and the use of pantry essentials, you can get dinner on the table any night of the week. read more

Food and Drink, Meal Planning, Tips and Tricks

Meal Planning Made Easy

Meal planning doesn’t have to be a chore. Two simple steps will start you on the right track.

Meal Planning

Meal planning is a hot topic in families. Every family needs to find the best way to get dinner on the table each night. About a 1000 years ago when my husband and I were newly engaged and living in our first apartment, my meal plan was pretty simple. I printed out a monthly calendar, wrote in meals for each night, made my grocery list from that.

The monthly calendar meal plan was pretty much the norm up until we had kids. With two young kids you need to be flexible PLUS have a variety of meals that are quick, easy, and nutritious. Those are not as easy to come by as you think. Planning out a menu each week plus the making of the grocery list was becoming such a chore so we knew we needed to come up with a new system. But what? read more