An Easy Way to Transform the Way you Homeschool

An easy no frills, no prep, no cost method to introduce to your homeschool.


Honestly guys, I think I have found it. An idea that will revolutionize the way you homeschool. It’s easy, it’s flexible, and best of all it is completely, 100%, totally, frugally, free!!! Are you ready?! Hold on to your feet because I am about to blow your socks off. I present to you: office hours!!

Office hours in a college sense, not a business sense. Office hours, for those who don’t know, are a set period of time that professors are in their offices to help students with any problems, questions, or concerns they have about their course work.

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So you think you want to homeschool. . .

So you think you want to homeschool?! Well, first of all, welcome to the club. I, for one, love homeschooling and think everyone should do it! Ok. Maybe not everyone, but I think it’s pretty awesome. I never thought I would homeschool my kids, so I know all the thoughts and feelings that go through your mind when your contemplating this decision. While brainstorming a post to offer my advice, I thought of 5 things to keep in mind if you want to homeschool.


Homeschooling is an investment in your children but it is also a huge investment in your time. In the beginning, it seems like it takes up all of your time. Reading up on homeschool laws. Time to research all the methods of homeschooling. Price comparing curriculum. Researching which curriculum will fit your kids! So much research to do, so little time. Granted you really only have to do all this research once. Over the years you will do some tweaking and adjusting, but not the all out planning/research extravaganza you begin with.

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Homeschool Supplies

Set up your homeschool room for success! A quick glimpse into our room and homeschool room organization. Along with a list of homeschool supplies to help you the most as you start out homeschooling. And how we organize all our supplies.

Last week I talked about our Unschooling Curriculum for the year. Today I want to take you on a tour of our homeschool room and list some of the resources I have found helpful for homeschooling pre-K-1st grade.

Homeschool/Play room

First off, a couple of panoramic shots of our homeschool room. It’s more of a play room at the moment. We haven’t found a desk that works for what we need. Any sit down work we do takes place at the kitchen table.


I apologize if these pictures didn’t turn out well. The room is very small and it’s the only way to get a shot of the whole room.

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Unschooling Curriculum

Need unschooling ideas? Like the idea of unschooling, but need a little more structure to your day?  Our unschooling curriculum for our homeschool preschool will show you how to combine unschooling and structure.

It’s curriculum planning time in the homeschool community! Well, most people have already made their curriculum choices. However, if you are a procrastinator like me (raises hand) then you are still in the planning stages. Luckily, we are a laid back, unschooling family in a low-regulation state. (All about homeschooling laws in our state of Wisconsin in this past blog post.)

I know, I know. If we are unschoolers, what do we need a curriculum for? I don’t plan out or buy a curriculum. I plan/design/print our curriculum at this stage of homeschooling. I do like having a loosely planned curriculum since my kids are so young. Having my undivided attention as they do school work, they are able to focus during their free play the rest of the day. They aren’t needing so much of Mom’s attention. I also need a plan to fulfill the homeschool law requirements. So I guess you could say we are a combination of unschooling and unit studies.

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Adjustment to Homeschooling

When we first decided to homeschool, we had many concerns: curriculum, teaching them to read, money, time, socialization. One thing we foolishly forgot was getting Fofo on board. Lilly has never been to traditional school so we weren’t worried about her adjusting. Fofo went to preschool at 3 and 4 years old so she was used to a school setting. The fact she was going to be homeschooled didn’t really sink in the first time we told her. Or the other numerous times we told over the summer. Even finding out one of her favorite people, Pioneer Woman, homeschools her kids, didn’t sell her on homeschooling.

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