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Self-Care for Moms | The Secret to Self-Care with Littles

Self-care for moms is the key to survival during the early years. But how do we do it with littles ones in the house?

Self-care for moms

When I first started my blog, I wanted to dedicate a portion of it to what I call “Taking care of me.” Taking care of me, or self-care, at it’s most simplistic level is what is it that will help you keep your sanity. What is it that makes you feel less stressed at the end of a long day. Self-care will be different for every mom and it looks different as your kids grow up and goes through different stages. Self-care for moms is probably the hardest when their kids are little. How do you set aside time for yourself when you have little kids that require so much attention? read more

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Managing Depression | My aha Moment

Managing depression can be as simple as an aha moment.

Managing Depression

I LOVE aha moments. Oprah Winfrey describes aha moments as “those moments when I sit down to talk to somebody and they say something that makes me look at life or a situation in a completely different way. And I say, ‘Aha! I get it!’ Light bulb . . . and the little hairs on your arm stand up. That is an aha moment.” After recognizing my depression, the next step was managing depression. My aha moment was a critical part of that. It helped me fully understand my depression, and what I was going through. read more

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Surly’s Reading List


“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” Wait a minute. That isn’t right. But a Surly trivia point to whoever can name that movie!! For as long as I can remember, I have always loved reading. I had stacks of Babysitters Club books, and I would spend my weekends reading and rereading them. To this day I still love libraries and book stores and am always on the hunt for the next great book.

After college I sort of fell off the reading train and I wanted to make myself more accountable so I set a goal to read 40 books by 40. I am so glad I did because completing this goal revived my love of reading, and I reached my goal in the summer of 2016! read more

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10 Hobbies for Housewives

10 hobbies for housewives, the key to keeping your sanity with young children.

Hobbies for Housewives

I hear a lot of women say, “I could never stay at home with my kids. I would get so bored!” Or “I have all this free time at home and I have no idea what to do with myself!” Whether you just became a housewife or you have been one for several years, the key to being a successful housewife it taking care of YOU!! And a key element of that is pursuing a hobby. A hobby is defined as “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation that is engaged in primarily for pleasure.” It seems like such a luxury to have spare time to take just to yourself but it is essential for your mental well-being. You are more than a wife and a mother! You need to take care of you. read more

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“It’s not tv, it’s HBO.”

HBO series you MUST watch on HBO NOW or Amazon Prime.

HBO series

You know I love tv! One of my favorite channels is HBO. HBO has been producing killer content for close to 20 years now. They changed the game in regards to tv comedy and drama. Not every one grew up with it as part of their cable package, but today it is easier than ever to get HBO programing right to your tv without a cable or satellite tv package.


“HBO NOW is the standalone streaming service that gives you all of HBO—no TV package required.” To get access to past favorites as well as current blockbuster series, you simply go to HBONOW.com to sign up for a free month, then 14.99 a month after, which you can cancel anytime. You can watch tv series, movies, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and sports! You can stream through your smart tv, game console, phone or tablet, and computer. They make it so easy! read more