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Dating your Spouse: Indulge and Celebrate

Date night ideas for married couples are sometimes hard to come by. Dating your spouse doesn't always have to be frugal. Consider having a date night at home where you indulge a little. Click here to find out our indulgence!

Every homeschooling family will tell you, you need a support system in order to stay sane during the whole homeschooling craziness. For me, my biggest support is my husband. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without his financial and emotional support and encouragement. This is why continuing to date your spouse is Taking Care of Me! Two previous ideas for dating your spouse included pizza and comedy night and at home date nights.

My next suggestion for dating your spouse isn’t quite so frugal. It’s about indulgence and celebration. My husband and I bought a $100 bottle of wine to share on our 10th anniversary. We bought it about two and a half years before our anniversary. It sat in our wine fridge, and we anxiously awaited the day we could taste it. But first more about the wine.

My husband and I are huge Tool fans. We have seen them in concert three times, own all the albums (yes the actual cds), and my tattoo is from Tool lyrics. We also love wine. When we found out the lead singer of the band, Maynard, had opened up a vineyard in Arizona, we knew we had to get some. Any wine connoisseur will tell you, that good wine isn’t cheap. However, Caduceus Cellars’ wine is reasonably priced, about 25-125 bucks. As any family will tell you, $100 for a single bottle of wine isn’t an easy thing to swing.

I first heard about the vineyard from the documentary “Blood into Wine,” which highlights Maynard’s journey of building a vineyard in Northern Arizona. There is this amazing moment in the film, when a wine critic tastes the wine Judith, which is named for Maynard’s mother, and he is wowed. You can see the moment in his eyes as the wine hits the back of his throat that this wine is amazing.

In total we bought 6 bottles of wine ranging from $30-100. The first five we enjoyed throughout the year, but we waited to open the bottle of Judith on our tenth wedding anniversary. We made a nice steak dinner and shared the bottle of wine. I’m horrible at describing wine, but this stuff was so smooth, but spicy. It was worth the wait and the expense.

Once you become a parent, the goal is to get through the day. You plan in days or weeks instead of months. It’s so important to have something to look forward to. Whether it is a bottle of wine, a trip to a special restaurant, an anniversary, or a bottle of booze. These small moments provide the spark you need during those tough days or hours. Knowing you will have a special evening in your future can brighten your day. The initial cost may worry you, but as long as it is in your budget (we bought the wine with some of our tax refund) don’t feel guilty about your decision. Your relationship is the foundation of your family and you should haven something that is just for the two of you. Relationships need to be nurtured and celebrated. And what better way to celebrate than with a Cheers!

What is your favorite way to indulge? How do you choose to celebrate important milestones?