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Dating Your Spouse

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The best marriage advice I can give to other couples is never stop dating your spouse. Click here to find out our simple tradition that keeps us dating.

Taking Care of Me means Taking Care of My Marriage. Plain and simple. My husband is my best friend, confidante, and biggest supporter. I go to him for advice, motivation, and the all important rant session. And vice versa. Our relationship is the foundation of our family and we work hard to keep the foundation strong. For our family and our sanity.

Comedian Patton Oswalt does a great bit about birthdays. His theory is you should only celebrate about 20 birthdays during the course of your lifetime. All the others “You are just wasting cake and paper!” I think this could also be applied to wedding anniversaries. I love my husband, I love being married to him, I love our life together. That’s what our marriage is. Living our day-to-day life. The “I Love Yous,” the reassurance on the tough days, holding hands in the car, nights by the campfire, and the elusive date night.

There isn’t anything wrong with celebrating anniversaries of course, we just don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s just another day in our partnership. As Patton says, “I’m 12! Good for you kid. Go to school.” What defines our marriage is more than a wedding date. It’s the small moments we make all year long. We cherish these memories and love to make new ones together. Enter dating your spouse!

Busy parents are hardly able to get a night away, and we are no exception. My husband works 50-60 hours a week, and as a one income family we don’t have much extra money for going out. But we still date. And what I mean by that is we carve out time to spend together during the week. We have date nights at home: pizza and comedy night. One night during the week we have a half-hour comedy we enjoy watching together. Louie, Drunk History, Modern Family, Fresh off the Boat are just a few of our favorites.

After the kids are in bed and my husband is on his way home, I make pizza for our date night. Jason gets home. We have a little bit of small talk, and then settle in for a night of food and laughs, usually with a beer or cocktail in hand.

It may be late at night, and we may be sacrificing sleep, but it is important that we spend that quality time together. Is pizza and tv a particularly exciting date night? Not especially. But we have a lot of laughs, and we are together. Those meaningful moments are important.

A lot of moms ask for ideas for date night and what can they do as something special for their spouse. It’s as simple as dinner and a movie. In fact, there are a ton of small things you can do to create special moments with you and your spouse in a series I like to call “Dating your Spouse.” This idea is inspired by blogger Sandy aka “Reluctant Entertainer” and her series called “Still Dating.”

How do you date your spouse? Do you have a regular date night?

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7 thoughts on “Dating Your Spouse”

  1. My husband and I have alone time every night after the kids are in bed. We rarely go out because like you, my husband works long hours and we’re a one income family.

    We put the kids in bed at 8 and have our own independent project time from 8-9. Then at 9 we pop some corn and watch a show, play a board game, or sit on the deck and chat. It works well for us!

    Thank you for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. Date night sounds like a great habit/tradition to start. What can beat a pizza and comedy night? I’d love to do it myself, but my manky old husband doesn’t like pizza or watching much television and in reality I’d probably fall asleep.

    Sadly me and hubby dearest stopped ‘dating’ years ago. Sadly we both know it, but don’t really do anything about it. Although we do have evenings where we will sit and enjoy a good chat, but they aren’t planned evenings they just sort of happen.

    Popped over from the #SHINEBlogHop.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope it serves as inspiration to start “dating” again. Our pizza and comedy night started by chance. Every Tuesday we would watch Louie from the night before and I happened to make pizza a lot of those nights. Decided to make it a tradition. It doesn’t take much. Every little bit helps 🙂

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