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Foodie Friday – Strawberry Banana Smoothie

A strawberry banana smoothie recipe made with yogurt and almond milk. Healthy and kids love it!

Woot! It’s Friday!! My husband had Monday off this week, so it was a short week in our house but we have a fun weekend planned. My daughter has gymnastics on Saturday and afterwards we are going to check out a German heritage festival. We have lived here for 8 years and have never attended but when you have kids you will try anything to tire them out 😉 Jason is excited to check out the car show with Fofo. Whatever your plans, I hope you have fun, fall weekend!!

Along with trying to tire you kids out, when you become a parent you do your best to make sure they are eating right. Louis CK has a great bit on the frustration that consumes you when your child will not eat: “If you’re skinny, I go to jail. Do you understand!” As I side note, I spent 15 minutes trying to find that exact quote. I could do that all day. I love Louis. Moving on. One thing I make that my kids will always have, is a smoothie. Personally, I think my kids love them because they don’t have to stop and eat. They can drink and run. Come back in a couple minutes and drink and run. Today I am going to share my basic smoothie recipe I make for my girls every couple of days: a simple strawberry and banana smoothie.

A strawberry banana smoothie recipe made with yogurt and almond milk. Healthy and kids love it!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

makes 2-12 oz smoothies


1 cup Almond milk (regular milk would work fine also)
1 banana
5-6 strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1/3 c. vanilla yougurt


1. Put 1 cup almond milk in blender. Most blenders have a cup measurement already on them. Huge time and dish saver!
2. Add strawberries and banana.
3. Add 1/3 c yogurt.
4. Blend and serve.

Note: The liquid should always go in the blender first, followed by frozen items, and then fresh items.

If you have never tried almond milk, give it a try!! It adds an additional sweetness and richness to the smoothie. It also balances out the banana flavor that can sometimes be overpowering.


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