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Home Alone Family Movie Night

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“Guys, I’m eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me!” Kevin McCallister is living the dream. He can sled down the front steps, eat popcorn while jumping on the bed, even snoop through his brother’s things. There is just one problem. He is home alone on Christmas, oh and some robbers are trying to break into his house, but STILL! A kid without his family on Christmas is heartbreaking. No presents. No Christmas dinner. Did I mention, no presents!!

If you haven’t caught on, I am talking about the movie “Home Alone.” I LOVE this movie! It’s a nostalgic holiday movie from my generation I love sharing with my kids. It is a must see during the holiday season. Kids and adults can both enjoy this movie during holiday family time.

Our family loves movies, and we love food. So it is only natural that we combine them with a themed family movie night. We don’t go Pinterest crazy, but we make a simple meal that goes along with the film. Think Chinese food with “A Christmas Story.” “Elf” with pancakes and syrup. A fun twist on just simply sitting down with your family to watch a movie.

We love “Home Alone” so much we make it part of our Christmas Eve tradition. We make a cheese pizza, pour some Pepsi, and then have ice cream sundaes for dessert complete with brownies and hot fudge. It’s fun, simple, quick, and cheap! Everyone has limited time around the holidays, but this special twist on movie night is one you will want to continue year after year.

You can take break from cooking and order in a pizza. Or just veg out in front of the tv with soda and junk food, Kevin style. Don’t overthink it. Family movie night is supposed to be fun!! It’s simply eating and watching a movie with your family. Nothing extravagant to plan or cook. You just need to pencil the date in on your calendar to have a fun family night.

Christmas traditions are part of what makes the holidays so special. Decorating the tree, baking cookies, and driving to look at Christmas lights are just some of the things families can do together to make Christmas spectacular! A holiday movie night is just the thing to add to your full schedule that doesn’t take up much time but fills up your heart.

Christmas traditions should include family, fun, and festivities! Home Alone movie night is a simple way to spend time together and start a new tradition!

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