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I am writing this with a lavender marker at a picnic table in my backyard. It’s a warm spring day. To my right, a fire gently smokes, burning away the remnants of yard waste. My kids are playing about 20 feet in front of me on their swing set pushing empty swings. Some sort of game I’m not sure of. It doesn’t take long for them to lose interest and come and interrupt me. They join me at the table, grab a marker, and begin to write. The oldest wants to know how to spell all the names of our family members.


They youngest just wants to doodle. Learning. Simple, personalized, interactive, and creative learning. It’s not a classroom but its school. Our version of school. Not every day is easy or productive or without doubt. But this is who we are. We are homeschoolers.


Thursdays on the blog will be all about homeschooling and give you a little glimpse into our journey. ┬áMaybe an occasional activity or printable since those are the types of things my daughters enjoy doing. However, it will be mostly about the big picture and what I hope to teach my daughters as we go through our homeschooling journey. Christ. I am insane aren’t I.

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