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Letter of the Week – Letter D

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Letter D activities for preschool, crafts and ideas for homeschoolers!

Letter D activities for preschool. A fun and hands-on way for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartens to learn and practice the alphabet.

Our preschool “curriculum” was super simple and followed the “Letter of the Week” format. For the letter “D” we did activities that related to Doc McStuffins, ABC, phonics, and transportation book, and iPad apps. At ages 3 and 5, we spent about 30 minutes to an hour each day doing these formal sit down activities and crafts. The girls spend a lot of time playing together. We also read books, walk the dogs, and spend time with our homeschool group.

Letter D Activities for Preschool

The girls were so psyched to work on their Doc Mcstuffins unit!! They are totally smitten with Doc so I was very excited to come across this printable pack from Carisa at 1+1+1=1

Doc McStuffins Printables
Doc McStuffins Printables
Doc McStuffins Printables

Here they are playing a game of Memory with the characters which was a good opportunity for me to learn the names, because I must admit I haven’t spent much time watching the show with them. Whoops.

Doc McStuffins Memory Game

ABC Book. D is for deer which we did with our Melissa and Doug stamp set. Find a similar set here! 

Letter D worksheet

Phonics Book work . . .

Letter D Worksheets

And the transportation book. D is for dump truck. Click here for Learn, Create, Love’s free printable.

Dump truck printable

For more info on our other letter of the week activities which all included the ABC, phonics, and transportation book, click here!

The girls earn iPad time everyday when they can play whatever they choose but I wanted to include the iPad more in our curriculum so I have been using the ABC apps from Peapod Labs. I swear we own all of them: ABC Food, ABC Music, ABC Wildlife, ABC House, ABC Play, ABC Farm. Ok you get it. The app, ABC Farm for example, lists all the letters of the alphabet. You click on a letter and it lists the things on a farm that starts with D: dog and donkey. You then have several options for dog and donkey. A video clip, a song, or an activity. The girls really love watching the little videos.

Phonics lesson on iPad
Phonics lesson on iPad

For our ABC Find it this week, I hid the cards around the room for the girls to find and then match up to the board. Can we just talk for a minute about how children can hear you eating chocolate in the other room, but they can’t find the card of a dog that is right in front of their face. I guess I need to coat the cards in candy, or just stop eating junk.

ABC activity
ABC activity

Don’t let these sweet posts fool you, I really enjoy homeschooling my kids but it’s a lot of hard work. Mostly because you can’t get away from each other. Some days are amazing. Just look at these faces!!

Smiling Maryann
Sweet Little Lilly

BUT!! Some days are incredibly frustrating and trying and filled with fighting, whining, and screams of “Sissy hurt my feelings!!”

Grumpy Lilly

BUT!! The Bear has already stopped calling her sister Sissy and moved on to Maryann 🙁 It’s so cliché to say, but they grow up so fast and I am so lucky to have spent all this time with them.

Thanks for reading.

Letter of the Week preschool activities and crafts are a fun and hands-on way for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartens to learn and practice the alphabet. Looking for Letter D ideas for your preschool. This post has Doc McStuffins printables, iPad app suggestions, and a fun hidden letter activity. Check it out!

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