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Letter of the Week – Letter I

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Ideas for letter i activities for preschool!

letter i activities for preschool

Our preschool “curriculum” was super simple and followed the “Letter of the Week” format. For the letter “I” we did activities that related to ice cream! At ages 3 and 5, we spent about 30 minutes to an hour each day doing these formal sit down activities and crafts. The girls spend a lot of time playing together. We also read books, walk the dogs, and spend time with our homeschool group.

Letter I Activities for Preschool

I usually pull our letter of the week work from multiple sources but I went with the ice cream unit from Little Monkey Printables. I wanted to keep it simple since we did part of this unit while we are at my sisters house. The best thing about homeschooling: it can be done anywhere!!


The Bear used her markers for her do-a-dot pages rather than the stamps. She felt compealed to use the color pink.

Ice cream worksheets

The girls work on their ice cream color books. Fofo went to a preschool outside the home when she was 3 and 4. One thing she LOVED was all the simple, little books they made. This one has a different color for each ice cream cone.

letter I worksheets

The vehicle for our transportation book was? An ice cream truck from Royal Baloo

ice cream truck printable

I did my best to introduce a little algebra to the girls, but they weren’t interested. They had running around to do at my sisters’. I should have timed it better so they weren’t losing interested before I started the activity, but I will try again another time.

math worksheet for preschoolers

Ice Cream Craft

Our craft for the Letter I was “I”nventing an “I”ce cream flavor. I had a number of colors of construction paper. The girls picked a color and cut out an ice cream scoop to add to the top of the cone. It was so cute to see what flavor they picked out with each color. Fofo’s was strawberry, lemon, blueberry, and grape with icing. Bear had two cones. One was strawberry, blueberry, and watermelon. The other was strawberry and lemon.

inventing an ice cream flavor
ice cream activity for preschool

Sensory Play

Our sensory activity for the Letter I was a play on the word Ice, shocking I know. We got SO MUCH SNOW here in Wisconsin this winter that I thought we should bring the snow in for the girls to play with. I added their My Little Pony toys to the pile (inspired by Lovely Commotion) since I knew what would draw them it. And boy did it!! They probably played with the snow for hours since they asked to do it a few times. We even added food coloring to changed the color of the snow, and added hot water to get the snow to melt.

snow sensory play
letter I sensory play activity
snow sensory play
snow sensory play activity

And there is our work for the Letter I. For more of our letter of the week work, click here for a full list of the posts! 

I love having these posts to look back on. Who knows if I would have taken as many pictures or remembered each unit if I didn’t blog about them. Thanks for reading!!

Letter I activities for preschool are a fun and hands-on way for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartens to learn and practice the alphabet. Letter I can mean only one thing: ice cream! Ice cream printables, ice cream cone craft, and ice sensory play made with snow!

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  1. That sensory learning with the snow looks like so much fun!! You know, I have never thought to bring the snow inside – brilliant!! No snow here right now. I’m not sure if we will get anymore either, but there’s always next year.

    1. Thanks! I saw an idea for using ice and insects but I figured the girls would get too cold doing that. The snow ended up being the perfect temp for them to play with.

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