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Letter of the Week – Letter F

Letter of the week preschool activities and crafts are a fun and hands-on way for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartens to learn and practice the alphabet. Letter F in our preschool was made up of fairy and frog printables. As well as a fun fireworks sensory activity with shaving cream. Check it out!

Letter of the Week F was all about fairies, frogs, and fireworks. I used the Fairy Printable Pack from 1+1+=1.

Sorting yellow and pink fairies.

Fairy dot page. I love all the different colors.

Counting correspondence. Despite several explanations, The Bear prefers 1:1 🙂

I love the Animal ABC from Carisa also, but I have found I need to push the girls to finish these. I think there is a stereotype of homeschoolers that the kids just willing do everything asked of them and are perfect little students. Not the case. Don’t get me wrong, my girls are amazing but some days they need a little more motivation than others. Basically, you can’t yell at them “I spent all this time printing these off, now do them god dammit!” Ahem. I’m done now.

Fofo decorating her F before cutting it out.

Cutting out her frogs.

Tracing . . .

And coloring.


The letter F sensory activity was shaving cream fireworks.

It’s simply shaving cream, food coloring, and glitter. And yes I know these don’t look like fireworks. The children looked at me like I was crazy (as usual) but they dove in anyway.

My little artist Lilly. I adore her 🙂

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