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Letter of the Week – Letter K

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Need activities for the letter K? Check out this post for 4 simple letter K crafts and activities for preschoolers.
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This week I am recapping our crafts, sensory play, and recipe for the letter K. I wish I could sit here and pretend I am super creative and thought of all these activities on my own, but that’s not the case. Pinterest is such an awesome tool, and it’s where I find a lot of resources when my mom-brain can’t possibly think of one more activity or craft or sensory play for my kids.

I am a visual learner so Pinterest is perfect for me to organize our letter of the week units. I beginning by simply searching “K is for” and wait for inspiration to strike! Check out my homeschool pre-k and kindergarten board for more homeschool ideas! 


I’m not a crafty person by nature, but my girls love them so I try to find a happy medium. For each letter, I do my best to come up with 2 crafts to go along with our other sit down work.

Our first quick activity was key rubbing inspired from the blog A Graceful Day

K is for key. Key rubbing activity for preschoolers.

I simply took a couple of keys, put them under the paper, and told them to use the side of the crayon to rub an impression of the key. They shaded the top of the key and then around the sides to give a bit of a 3D effect.

K is for key. Key rubbing activity for preschoolers.

K is for key. Key rubbing activity for preschoolers.

The second craft was also key-inspired. We made a “key” using tin foil. The idea came from the blog Mommying Monkeys. It is such a cute idea!

K is for key. Key activity for preschoolers.

You print out the key template, then tear off some bigger foil pieces. Have the kids rip the foil into smaller bits to fit the key and then glue. It may have worked better with glue sticks. The girls had a little trouble with the Elmer’s glue being too sticky and difficult to manage. They did enjoy the ripping though. What kid wouldn’t?!


Our sensory activity for the letter K was painting with Kool Aid, an idea I first saw on The Measured Mom. I don’t normally buy Kool Aid, but I somehow had some in the cupboard. I think they were free samples in a pitcher I bought? Move it along Katie. No one cares.

kool aid painting

I put a little bit of the powder in a muffin tin, mixed in a little water, and we had paint! I gave them a heavy duty cardstock to paint on. This activity was a hit!! They love painting, and they really loved how it smelled so good. I think they painted 2 or 3 sheets!

kool aid painting


We made a Kiwi-Lemon Cheesecake for the letter K and boy was it good! Experts say to let kids cook with you and then they will want to try new and interesting food. And for this recipe, that dumb advice worked!! The girls were a little leery of the kiwi but dove right in once the cheesecake was done.

kiwi lemon cheesecake. Baking with preschoolers

This recipe from Rachael Ray Magazine lent itself perfectly to cooking with kids since you basically mix everything together, pour it in a graham cracker crust and top with kiwi. Fofo did an awesome job helping me. She even helped cut up the kiwis 🙂

kiwi lemon cheesecake. Baking with preschoolers

kiwi lemon cheesecake. Baking with preschoolers

kiwi lemon cheesecake. Baking with preschoolers

Even though I lean more on the unschooling side of things, the kids really like having a unit to work around each week. We chose to school year round, even though the work load is much lighter in the summer. I save the school work for the rainy days and the too-hot-to-do-anything-but-sit-in-the-air-conditioning days. That’s a real day right?

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