Link Love – Homeschool Edition

Link Love - HS

It’s not about school – Homeschooling is a way of life. It’s not about “school” at all.

How to save a child’s love of learning in one easy step – It’s so, so simple.

Dragon World sensory play – Fun!!

A simple handwriting trick (with free printable) – LOVE this.

Why you need to plan a Teacher Institute Day – Teachers need to learn in order to teach.

10 Scientific Method tools to make science easier – 10 awesome links in this post.

Homeschooling with Depression – A must read for any mom having a rough time.

Homeschooling when the kids don’t want to – All kids need a break. Even homeschooled kids.

Magnetic calendar activity with free printables – Perfect for anyone looking to teach days and months.

Polymer recipes for middle schoolers – I love seeing how older kids are homeschooled.


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