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It’s Tuesday, ladies and gentleman, and time for a game I like to call “PMS or Adjusting to the Time Change (ATC).”

1. My six-year-old is sitting, weeping in the arm chair, “I miss Papa!!!” PMS or ATC?

2. Me: Fofo, why aren’t you eating your lunch?
Fofo: (starts sobbing) I miss Sterling and Sebastian!!!

3. Fofo: I found 4 Legos!!!! (Starts jumping up and down) PMS or ATC?

4. Fofo: (Shouting at sister) GO AWAY!!!!!!
2 seconds pass . . .
Fofo: Hey Lilly, look what I made!!!!

5. Fofo: (trips and falls on a toy left out on the floor) LILLY LEFT THAT THERE ON PURPOSE SO I WOULD FALL!!!!!
Yes, the child who can’t put her shoes on the correct feet, but yet she can plan this elaborate scheme.

The result of this behavior is (shocking) not PMS but a little thing I like to call vacation hangover/adjusting to the time change/dark at 5 pm/Christmas commercials/Holiday anticipation disorder. And it seems to be affecting all children! Not just mine!! Everywhere we went last week was filled with these crazy children: story time, open gym, our field trip. Usually normally behaved, nice children seem to be subject to this awful illness. I never thought I would long for January’s cabin fever/Christmas hangover.

Is your family suffering from this seasonal illness? Or have they been immunized?

4 thoughts on “PMS or ATC?”

    1. Glad I could make you laugh! #4 is almost a daily occurrence. It is slowly being replaced by “She said she doesn’t like me!” Ugh. Does it never end!!!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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