Road Cruise

Road Cruise: Part Three

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Road Cruise: Part Three

My last cruise recap 🙁

For those of you catching up, part one here!

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My husband woke up early to capture this amazing sunrise.

Sunrise off coast of Belize City
Sunrise off coast of Belize City
Sunrise off coast of Belize City
Sunrise off coast of Belize City

View from our balcony. How amazing is this to wake up too!!

Balcony View on Carnival Dream

It is too shallow for the ship to port at Belize, so they do something called tendering, where you board smaller boats to take you ashore. I loved watching the contrasting colors as the water was stirred up.

Tendering off coast of Belize City

Again, this being the vacation of rest and relaxation, we stayed aboard and enjoyed the quiet. And some people watching. Guests tendering were taken in groups down to the gangway. One family was walking and their 5-year-old son shouts with clenched fists “WE’RE IN BELIZE!!” It was the sound of pure joy and amazement in his voice. But his parents didn’t even notice, not that I blame them. They probably heard this the whole trip. “WE’RE IN THE AIRPORT!!” “WE’RE ON THE SHIP!!” “DAY AT SEA!!” I imagine they were exhausted of his enthusiasm.

After watching all the boats emerge from around the ship, we headed to the empty Serenity deck, where we hogged the hammock for the afternoon. We took 2 naps. In.One.Day. I can’t describe this amazingness.

Serenity Hammock aboard the Carnival Dream

It rained off and on that day, but when some of the small boats brought people back to the ship, it began pouring rain. Glad we stayed on the ship!

Belize City

“It gon’ rain!!”

It gon' rain

Before the show, we went to the atrium bar to have a drink and listen to music. FYI: best mojito evah! Wow 🙂

Atrium aboard the Carnival Dream
Cocktails aboard the Carnival Dream

We went to the Marriage Show before dinner. I love this show. Three couples compete: newlyweds, the couple married the longest, and one in the middle. If you go to any show aboard the cruise ship, go to this one. It is guaranteed for some laughs. Mostly at the newlyweds. I kid! This show was extra special as a couple got engaged at the beginning of the show. It was so sweet!

Marriage show aboard the Carnival Dream


We slept-in. Parents, hell grown-ups, know how truly awesome this is 🙂 Since we were within walking distance to shore, we decided to give it a try. Totally not our scene. Crowded. Tons of people bothering you. This just isn’t our type of thing. From the conversations we overheard during the day, people had a great time ashore.

Carnival Dream
Carnival Dream

The water here was just amazing!!

Carnival Dream
Carnival Dream

We headed back to the Dream for lunch, and you guessed it: more Serenity deck.

Serenity Deck Carnival Dream
Serenity deck Carnival Dream

It was cloudy and rainy day so we had to keep running inside, which made for some funny moments.

Carnival Dream
Carnival Dream

But we do clean up nice 🙂

Carnival Dream

After dinner, we went to the comedy show with the WORST heckler ever. OMG it was horrible. I have been to about 10 comedy shows: Louis CK, Jim Norton, Jim Bruer, Bill Burr, Dave Atell, Amy Schumer, and I have never seen one this bad. Seriously. As a comedy fan, I was disgusted that someone would act that way. The comics handled it awesome. She was just a clueless drunk.


Our last day 🙁 Boo-hoo.

Carnival Dream

Another amazing sunrise.

Sunrise aboard the Carnival Dream
Sunrise aboard the Carnival Dream

So we had a breakfast or two.

Balcony Carnival Dream
Balcony Carnival Dream

We attended the Q&A session with the cruise director. This was a lot of fun and it was interesting to learn about the Carnival Dream, the lives of the people who work on board, and really anything you wanted to ask!!

Soaked in our last day of Serenity. I know, you are sick of hearing about it, but it was amazeballs.

Carnival Dream

Reading on the balcony.

Balcony on Carnival Dream

Soaking in every last second of vacation. Sunset on the Mississippi.

Sunset aboard the Carnival Dream


Back in the US.


I don't want to leave!!

It was a bit of an ordeal to get off the boat, since people can’t follow simple instructions. Seriously people. We are all adults. Let’s listen to the people in charge.

Not many tales from the trip home. Just a long-ass drive and arriving back home in Wisconsin at 3 am.

I hope you enjoyed the recap of our trip!! It was so much fun, and can’t wait to vacation with my husband again 🙂

This was NOT a sponsored post. My mom won a cruise from CruiseOne on their Facebook page, which she graciously gave to my husband and me. We were given an up-to 7 day Carnival cruise for two with an ocean view cabin. We were responsible for all the taxes, transportation to and from the port, and the upgrade to our balcony room. I was not compensated for these posts from CruiseOne or Carnival and any and all opinions are my own.

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