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Perks of a Living in a Small House

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Small house living isn’t for everyone. Here are five things we love about our small house!

small house living

In today’s housing market, it seems like bigger is always better. That mentality is frustrating for those of us who live and love our small houses. We love our 1100 square foot home with about 920 square feet for living space. However, there certainly are some downfalls. You can always hear your kids. Always. And if you can’t, it spells trouble. With limited storage space, finding ways to organize your home can be a challenge. Cooking in a small kitchen can make some recipes impossible or daunting. And personal space in a small house can seem non-existent. But focusing on the negative gets you nowhere. In fact, there are some awesome perks about living in a small house.

Small home living isn’t for everyone, and some people may say “Where is the rest of the house?” when they come to visit. It’s not intentional, of course, but it may be hard for them to understand you LOVE your small home. It’s cozy and comforting and the place you call home. As a housewife, my job is take care of our home. And let me tell you, the size of my house helps me be great at my job. Or it at least makes my job easier 😉

5 Perks to Living in a Small House

  1. Organization

    Without an attic or a basement to stash your stuff, you need to be creative and innovative in how you organize, not only your stuff, but your whole life! Clothes, keys, pens, and toys all have their place. The old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place,” is the key to survival in a small house.

  2. Easy to Keep Tidy

    Once you get your house organized, you want to keep it that way. Keeping your small house picked up is pretty easy! I have always said my small house made me into a minimalist. Limited space forces you to keep what you need and what you love.

  3. Cleaning is a Breeze

    My house is so easy and fast to clean. My Dyson vacuum can vacuum my whole house from one outlet. The cord may be long, but my love of this perk is greater!! Laundry can take over your house if you let it. Not having a laundry room forces you to come up with a system that will keep your clothes clean and put away.

  4. It Saves you Money!

    Small houses don’t necessary cost less, but energy costs are lower as you are heating and cooling a small space. Less furnishings, less room for pets, less room for STUFF you don’t need or can’t afford. With less food storage, you have less food waste. You can’t afford to clutter up the limited pantry and fridge space so you only buy what you and your family will eat. No one likes to throw away food.

  5. Promotes Family

    Small homes have a communal feeling about them. With bedrooms being so small, the living space is where your family spends most of it’s time. Being in close physical proximity makes you spend time together: reading, watching tv, or playing games. Something about small and cozy homes just screams family!!

I am by no means have the neatest, most organized, or cleanest house on earth. However, having a small home makes me more mindful of keeping our small space picked up and inviting. I love our small, cozy home. And if having an organized and neat home filled with family memories isn’t a perk of small home living, I don’t know what is!!

Living in a small house can sometimes be frustrating, but in reality they are awesome!! Click here to learn about some of the perks of small house living.

4 thoughts on “Perks of a Living in a Small House”

  1. We recently (2 years now) moved into a bigger house. I wholeheartedly agree with your post! While we love our new home, I didn’t realize how much I’d miss the above list.

    1. Whenever we visit my sister, I always think “I could never live in a house this big.” Then the kids run around and we ban them to the basement. And I think maybe I could 😉 Both types of houses have their advantages for sure!!

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