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Taking Care of me Monday – 40 Goals by 40

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Happy Monday everyone 🙂 I hope everyone had a good weekend. Winter is still hanging around so we spent the weekend indoors. The girls have had enough so they ventured outside a couple of times to work off some energy.

We are still waiting to see about our new-used car. Our motorcycle needs to be appraised first and they are still running our credit. Aaaaah, the joys of adulthood. You realize you are parents when you spend much of your weekend discussing money, possible car seats for the new car, organizing the play room, and organizing closets. I think we are trying to distract ourselves from our couples weekend getaway that is just 17 days away. EEEEEEEK!!!!!

It has been a busy couple of months, so I have taken a break from Taking Care of Me Monday. Well, on the blog anyway. I am still working on reading more (Damn you True Detective!), my depression is under control at the moment, and I have lost 10 pounds! Woot!! I loathe my daily workouts with Jillian, but dammit they work.

I never have been one to make bucket lists. I think I am too pessimistic and afraid of failure. However I read a blog post from Tiny Blue Lines and her Dirty 30 before 30 goal list, and I figured why not! Life goal lists don’t need to always be “back pack across Europe” or “New Year’s Eve in Time Square.” They can be family trips or simple guilty pleasures in life. I am already in my thirties so I needed to make a 40 by 40 list. I am going to be 33 at the end of April so I need to get crackin’!!

  • Meet Opie and Anthony YES!! Have one done 🙂
  • Go to Eatly in Chicago
  • Make actual money on my blog
  • Go on a blogging retreat
  • Meet Pioneer Woman
  • Go to Yellowstone
  • Go to Disney
  • Homeschool through high school
  • Get to a cash only system
  • Have a “me” weekend in a nice hotel.
  • Get a tatoo for my father-in-law
  • Get mother tattoo
  • Spend the summer at the pool
  • Teach my kids to read
  • Go on a weekend getaway with my husband.
  • Visit all 50 states. I only have about 15 left!!
  • Visti New Zealand
  • Visit Italy
  • Find the perfect outfit
  • Spread  father-in-laws’ ashes
  • Visit Atlantis
  • Visit Cedar Point
  • Go horseback riding
  • Go to a food and wine festival
  • Go to a homeschool conference
  • Buy an amazing set of sheets
  • Buy a king size bed
  • Redo our bathroom
  • Build our deck and pergola
  • Learn to can from the garden
  • Do our Mad Men photo shoot
  • Learn how to use our camera
  • Reach and maintain my fitness goal
  • Instill my children with a love of learning
  • Learn the art of happiness
  • Watch “The Wire”
  • Help my kids find their passion
  • Go on reading/coffee dates with my kids
  • Clean out my inbox
  • Fulfill my comedian bucket list – Bob Kelly, Brian Regan, Jim Jefferies, Nick DiPaulo, Chris rock
  • What’s on your bucket list? What are some of your goals you would like to fulfill? Have a great week everyone!!!

    5 thoughts on “Taking Care of me Monday – 40 Goals by 40”

    1. What a great list! A couple of yours that I would love to borrow…
      3.Make actual money on my blog
      4.Go on a blogging retreat
      34.Instill my children with a love of learning
      38.Go on reading/coffee dates with my kids
      39.Clean out my inbox. Cause let’s face it. It’s gonna take me 7+ years to do it.
      A few that you have mentioned I have already done. Yes, you need to see Yellowstone, it’s amazing!

      1. I thought it would be harder to write attainable goals but it wasn’t so bad! New Zealand and Italy are a long shot but ya gotta have dreams!! I can’t wait to go to Yellowstone!! I went when I was about 10. Can’t wait to take my kids. It’s probably the one I am looking forward too the most. Thanks for reading 🙂

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