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Taking Care of Me Monday – Gratitude Journal

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Gratitude journals are a great way to express your spiritual side, vent, and a way to truly realize what is important in life. Click here for more!

I’m not going to get all new age-y, spiritual, hippy dippy on you but the fact is religion, or spirituality, or whatever  you want to call it, is one of the ways people “take care of me.” It is a way of centering yourself, finding balance in life, and relieving stress. Within every religion, there are different ways people approach their spiritual side.

I am not entirely comfortable discussing my spiritual views because, honestly, I am still trying to figure it out myself. One way I do express my spiritual side is through tantric sex. KIDDING. Totally kidding. I have to get a laugh in here somewhere. What I meant to say was, one way I express my spirituality is through a gratitude journal.

I wish I remember which blog I got the idea for a gratitude journal, but I honestly do not. However, when I googled gratitude journal, I saw it was a fairly common practice. At the beginning of this year, I began writing in it daily, usually before bed: one thing I was grateful for. Mine ran the gamut from healthy kids, to pay day, to electricity, to a vasectomy.

It has helped me become  very mindful of all the positive things in my life. I have an amazing husband, who is totally supportive in everything I do. He is loving, caring, and an incredible father to our daughters who are happy, healthy, clothed, bathed, fed, and loved.

The hardest part of being a homeschooling mom is I am NEVER away from my kids. A  common misconception about homeschooling is the parents are overbearing, overprotective, weirdos who don’t want to let their kids go. Aw hell nah. I have a countdown on my phone to when Fofo is being forced from my home (13 years to be exact. Sigh). Homeschooling may be the best choice for our family, but it does not mean I love being around my kids 24/7, especially since I am extremely introverted and my children are most certainly not.

Being mindful of how lucky I am, in all the various ways, helps me overcome the hard days with a broken water heater, late bills, and children who don’t listen. We certainly don’t have it all, but we have everything we need. And we have each other.

What are you grateful for? How do you express your gratitude?



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