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“Taking Care of Me” Monday – Weight loss

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Ugh. I was/am dreading writing this post. Sometimes taking care of yourself is not fun. It’s not Sunday night tv, a good book, or treating yourself to a new outfit. Sometimes taking care of yourself involves work, i.e. weight loss. For as many Jillian Michaels DVDs I have, you would think I would be in better shape. But for reals. Right at this very moment I weigh 150 pounds. The most I have ever weighed, non pregnant. People I knew in high school, feel free to make fun now. I expect it. Have a good laugh on me. I know I have done it.

I rationalize in my head, it’s harder to lose weight after a baby, women’s bodies hang on to weight for the sake of child-bearing. No idea if these are true but I use those excuses. I know what I need to do to lose weight, don’t eat crap and get some exercise. Plain and simple. I simply love food, cocktails, and tv. All three are absolutely a hinder to weight loss. Oh wait, unless you jog on the treadmill while you watch tv, which is why I don’t mind going to the gym. Well, when I actually get there.

We have a gym membership. Great tip! Check with your insurance company. You may get a discounted rate to a local gym. We pay 25 bucks a month for 2-24 hour gyms in town. Great deal. My husbands hours have been longer so I don’t get to the gym at night, which is when I prefer to work out. Again, another excuse. When I started running again last summer, I ended up with a bad case of plantar fasciitis which I get flare ups occasionally. Yet another excuse. I sense a pattern here. Besides the self-deprecation obviously.

I have all the motivation in the world. I wanna be around to see my kids grow up and finally spend time with my husband once the little moochers get the fuck out of my house. My husband is so supportive and understanding. He is also my go-to person for advice. He has lost about 60 pounds gradually since our oldest daughter was born. He is a perfect example of what to do. I even ate raw carrots today 🙂

I don’t have a number of pounds to lose. I just want to feel strong, healthy, and not feel humiliated when I put on a swimsuit. The solution is simple. I need to make a commitment to using my calorie tracker (my personal fav is My fitness pal) and working out. Whether it is hiring a babysitter so I can go to the gym or working out at home. My girls love my workout dvds. More on that on Thursday 🙂 Have a great week everyone!


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