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5 Awesome Ted Talks

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We can learn so much from Ted Talks. They are inspiring, educational, and some are even funny. If you are looking for informative and awesome Ted Talks, check out this post for 5 of the BEST  including Ted Talks from Susan Cain and Mary Roach.

Ted Talks are a great way to learn something new, have a few laughs, and get caught in a cycle of watching for a few hours. Ahem. That doesn’t happen to me 😉 I hope you have a great weekend and have time to listen to a couple of these great Ted Talks. Enjoy!!

1. The Power of Introverts. As an introvert, this talk really spoke to me. It also made me more proud and confident in the abilities of introverts. Her story about her Grandfather is especially touching.

2. Why Math instruction is unnecessary. Specifically higher level math. The name alone is enough to intrigue you to listen 🙂 A former high school math teacher and homeschooler blew my mind. This was life changing. Truly something to think about.

3. Heart disease Heart disease is the leading cause of death for woman. Heart attacks present themselves different in woman than in men. Heart disease hopes to raise awareness much like breast cancer awareness has done for women’s health.

4. 10 Things you didn’t Know About Orgasm. I fell in love with Mary Roach from the first sentence of her book “Stiff.” This talk did not leave me disappointed 🙂

5. Parenting Taboos I love the website Babble, so I had to check out this Ted Talks featuring the husband and wife team who founded the website.

What are some of your favorite Ted Talks?

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