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My Week In Memes


I had a fun, upbeat post planned for this Monday, but I just had to scratch it. This past week has not left me feeling upbeat. It was a week!

First, my children have been terrors. Perfectly fine one minute and then they turn into monsters. Fighting, attitudes, tattling, crying, wrestling, whining. Then ten minutes later, back to normal.

Then there was the cold. Like-so-cold-we-can’t-go-outside-nor-do-we-want-to cold. Blah.

So we can’t go outside. No problem. Let’s go to our weekly homeschool open gym. My car breaks down.

THEN! My husband’s truck at work breaks down for four hours on the coldest day of the year.


I also jacked up my shoulder. Not from working out. No no no no. I jacked it up sleeping.


We avoided the power outage in town earlier this week, only to have it go out on Saturday evening.

I was actually at Walgreen’s when our power went out at home, but their power was affected so I couldn’t get my meds. Then my debit card wouldn’t work for my red bull. THEN I went out to the car and it wouldn’t start.

Here is to a new, and hopefully better, week. Cheers!


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