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Weekly Wrap-Up: Love2Pley

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We had a fun week of Lego building last week!! This week, not so much. I will spare you the details. Let’s just say if I don’t have to hear, “My tummy hurts,” for a long, long, long time, I will be super happy.

But back to last week. For Christmas we got Fofo a subscription to the Lego service Pley. I saw it advertised on Educents as “Netflix for Legos!” Fofo loves Legos so we knew it would be the perfect gift for her. We were planning on buying her a set, but she really only likes to put them together once, so we were pleased with the variety she would be getting. Plus she LOVES to get things in the mail, so it was a double bonus.

Pley works much like Netflix. You sign up. Pick our your sets. You create a list from the 250+ sets they offer. They ship them to you. Build. And return. Shipping is free!!


You will not be charged for losing a piece. They call it “normal loss.” The sets are measured by weight so if pieces go missing, you wouldn’t be charged unless it’s more than a “normal loss.” We have not had problems with missing pieces. The second set we received, had a missing piece. We didn’t have one in our Lego set to make up for it, so we didn’t get that set completely build. Fofo was upset, but eager for her next set to arrive.

We received the forest animal creator set. It was an awesome surprise that it was a 3-in-1 set! I didn’t realize that when I added to our list!! Fofo was in love. First she made the monkey.

Lego Monkey

Then the kangaroo!

Lego Kangaroo

And lastly the teddy bear!

Lego Teddy Bear

She even “let” Lilly build the toucan.

Lego Toucan

These Legos kept her busy for a large portion of the week. Fofo is amazing at putting them together!! I have been super impressed. She has so much fun putting them together, and they keep her busy for hours. It was money well-spent!!

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    1. I hadn’t either! My mom purchased something for the girls from Educents for Christmas, and she got an email about Pley. It has been such cool thing. Thanks for stopping by!!

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