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My Week In Memes


I had a fun, upbeat post planned for this Monday, but I just had to scratch it. This past week has not left me feeling upbeat. It was a week!

First, my children have been terrors. Perfectly fine one minute and then they turn into monsters. Fighting, attitudes, tattling, crying, wrestling, whining. Then ten minutes later, back to normal.

Then there was the cold. Like-so-cold-we-can’t-go-outside-nor-do-we-want-to cold. Blah.

So we can’t go outside. No problem. Let’s go to our weekly homeschool open gym. My car breaks down. read more

Family, Need a laugh?



It’s Tuesday, ladies and gentleman, and time for a game I like to call “PMS or Adjusting to the Time Change (ATC).”

1. My six-year-old is sitting, weeping in the arm chair, “I miss Papa!!!” PMS or ATC?

2. Me: Fofo, why aren’t you eating your lunch?
Fofo: (starts sobbing) I miss Sterling and Sebastian!!!

3. Fofo: I found 4 Legos!!!! (Starts jumping up and down) PMS or ATC?

4. Fofo: (Shouting at sister) GO AWAY!!!!!!
2 seconds pass . . .
Fofo: Hey Lilly, look what I made!!!!
PMS or ATC? read more

Family, Need a laugh?

10 Reasons I Need a Beer at the End of the Day

Mommy needs a break. A break for laughs and a break for beers. Parenting requires a sense of humor. You have to laugh to keep from crying. Or in my case, a beer! Click here to learn my justifications for drinking ;)

1. The number one reason, I need a beer is because it is delicious and it’s only in Wisconson. New Glarus baby!

2. I am living with a PMS’ing six-year-old. “PAPA ATE THE CRACKERS!! NO FAIR!! HE TAKES EVERYTHING FOR HIS LUNCH.”

3. Bear wore a striped shirt and plaid shorts today. Not a horrible offense, but it means she inherited my husband’s fashion sense, which is never good.

4. We still have like 3 fleas hanging around the house. Literal fleas. Not my kids. Or animals. Although they are the reason we have fleas. read more

Family, Need a laugh?

Today my mom was an asshole . . . Rantings of a Six Year old

Funny parenting means being able to laugh at yourself, even when your kids think you are the least funny mom in the world!

Humor is a must if you are going to get through parenthood. When your daughter has one of those tough days, you need to think of the world through her eyes and find the humor. Funny parenting means being able to laugh at yourself, even when your kids think you are the least funny mom in the world!

Ok people Fofo here** Now you all may think my mom is a saint with her homeschooling and blogging and other “work” that she does. But let me tell you this woman is no saint. In fact, she is a bit of an asshole.

Today my mom was an asshole for not letting me pack my brand new, sparkly blue rain boots in my bag for my visit to Grandma’s house. I mean, we leave in a month. I don’t want to forget! read more

Family, Need a laugh?

Sometimes, kids just suck

Motherhood encouragement for those days when nothing goes right.

Motherhood encouragement

A debate began on one of my mom fb group pages. A mom needed to vent about how sometimes you hate being a mom and the fact that “kids SUCK!” And no, not the proverbial suck the life out of you, but suck. The mom was looking for support from her peers but, as is the case in social media, someone had to call her out on it and criticize. “You need to reconnect with your kids.” “They need more attention.” “You shouldn’t say your kids suck.” Blah blah blah. read more