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From Bankruptcy to Debt Free

Bankruptcy to debt free, how going broke helped us turn around our mindset.

We were once broke. Now we have the goal of being debt free. How we took control of our finances and are going from bankruptcy to debt free!

Housewifery: the function or work of a housewife. Derived from the term housewife, which is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “a married woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework.” Managing our household is a super awesome job. But managing the finances has not always been my strong point. After all, we did file for bankruptcy 6 years ago. But I am not here to boo-hoo about our past financial situation, I am here to tell you if you are facing bankruptcy, you are not alone! You can get through this and in the end you will be so much stronger. read more