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Healthy Lunch Ideas for your Husband

Healthy lunch ideas to pack for your husband!

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One of the benefits of being a homeschooling family is no lunches to pack!! In fact, Harley makes lunch for her and her sister everyday for a small fee.

The girls and I may eat lunch at home, but I still have to pack a lunch for my husband. Partly because I enjoy it, and partly so he can spend time with the kids before work. I also have become pretty good at it, so I am going to let you in on some of my secrets to help other parents with lunches for themselves and/or their kids. read more

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AeroPress Coffee Maker

How to make the best home-brewed coffee using the AeroPress coffee maker!


Raise your hand if you love coffee?! I’m one of those people whose bloodstream is part coffee. I know it’s terribly clichéd but I FRIGGIN LOVE COFFEE!! I have a friend who somehow made it through college without coffee. How I will never understand. But anyway, today I am going to talk to you about my favorite way to brew coffee, the AeroPress!

(This is not a sponsored post. AeroPress has no clue who I am. I just LOVE this product) read more

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The Best Ginger Beer for Moscow Mules

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People either love surprises or hate surprises. I, for one, hate surprises unless it is a gift. I love getting a gift that is a genuine surprise. When I was pregnant, my bestest friends surprised me with baby gifts during a regular get together. I had no clue!

This copper mugs were a fantastic birthday present from my husband. We normally don’t exchange gifts due to costs and we don’t actually NEED anything. Although I gave him quite a scare when I said, “I think I like rum and ginger beer more than moscow mules.” He had already ordered them and panicked that he got me the wrong thing. read more

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Garlic and Lime Guacamole

Garlic and lime guacamole, an easy and delicious guacamole recipe.

Garlic and lime guacamole, a delicious and easy guacamole recipe that comes together in just one hour!!

Another Tyler Florence recipe coming at ya. I adapted this guacamole recipe from Tyler Florence when I was in pursuit of a cheaper alternative to the store brand Wholly guacamole. It is one of my favorites but I was tired of paying so much for it when I knew I can make it cheaper for myself.

I could live on guacamole. Besides pizza, it really is the perfect food. Delicious, healthy, and versatile. You can eat it with chips or have it on top of toast. Or serve it with my slow roasted chicken tacos!  read more

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20 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

Set your kitchen up for success with these 20 must-have kitchen tools!

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When you first set up your kitchen it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out what you need to buy. I put together a list of what I think are must haves for housewive’s kitchen. Some of the items are little more expensive but I think it’s worth investing in these items because you are using them at least once a week, most are once a day. Most of the items on this list are less than $40 which is very reasonable in my book!! read more