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Perks of a Living in a Small House

Small house living isn’t for everyone. Here are five things we love about our small house!

small house living

In today’s housing market, it seems like bigger is always better. That mentality is frustrating for those of us who live and love our small houses. We love our 1100 square foot home with about 920 square feet for living space. However, there certainly are some downfalls.

You can always hear your kids. Always. And if you can’t, it spells trouble. With limited storage space, finding ways to organize your home can be a challenge. Cooking in a small kitchen can make some recipes impossible or daunting. And personal space in a small house can seem non-existent. But focusing on the negative gets you nowhere. In fact, there are some awesome perks about living in a small house. read more

Clean and Organized, Home & Family, Homemaking

Cleaning Tips and Tricks

5 tips to help you keep your house clean!

Hate cleaning but want to get your house in order? Here are 5 tips to a clean house where you will get your house in order in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Keeping up with housework is a never ending task. People are so busy these days and the home can end up a dumping ground for papers, clothes, and dust bunnies. You don’t need a perfectly clean house to be happy, but a neat home can cut down on stress, hurried mornings, and lost items. I put together my list of 5 cleaning tips and tricks that help me keep our home clean and organized.

5 Tips to a Clean House

1. Define your priorities

Picture a perfectly clean house? Looks immaculate huh? Well, that isn’t gonna happen. Now picture reality. Sad huh. Now find a happy medium. What things do you need clean in your house to keep your sanity? What things can you let slide? read more

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10 Everyday Chores Any Kid Can Do

Looking for help around the house? Here are 10 chore ideas for kids.

Want your kids to help around the house? Click on this post for 10 chore ideas for kids. They are so easy any kid can do them!

Having kids comes with many perks. One being, free labor. Naturally once they are old enough to start helping, like really helping, they don’t want to. The secret is to start them young. Little kids LOVE to help. It makes them feel grown-up. Boosts their sense of self-worth. Makes them feel part of the family and part of a team. I have always included my kids in my household cleaning routine. I have a list of 10 chores ideas for kids, any kid!, so they can begin to help around the house. read more

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2 Easy Ways to Organize Your Family’s Snacks

My snack storage ideas that promote independence!

Snack storage ideas that allow kids to get their own snacks. But simple enough so your kids get healthy snacks whenever they need them!

“Can I have a snack please?” Any parent who spends extended periods of time with their kids have probably heard this question about 9000 times over the course of their kids’ lives. And if your kids are anything like mine, they ask at the most inconvenient time: i.e. when I want to take a nap 🙂

I was becoming so irritated at the constant nagging for snacks, I needed to come up with a solution before I started throwing apples at my children. Just kidding. Maybe. Perhaps. read more