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Venerate the Housewife

How my motto, venerate the housewife, changed my entire outlook on home life!!

Venerate the Housewife, encouraging words for moms.

What does it mean to venerate the housewife? When I first heard this statement, I said to myself, “What on earth does that even mean?” Venerate is defined as “To regard with reverential respect or with admiring deference.” In other words, to venerate the housewife is to glorify, revere, or adore with the utmost respect. Once I saw what i meant, I was like “heck yeah!” I work hard at what I do. I’m growing and shaping lives, why on earth wouldn’t I treat it with the highest reverence. read more

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The Best Ginger Beer for Moscow Mules

Moscow mule title image

People either love surprises or hate surprises. I, for one, hate surprises unless it is a gift. I love getting a gift that is a genuine surprise. When I was pregnant, my bestest friends surprised me with baby gifts during a regular get together. I had no clue!

This copper mugs were a fantastic birthday present from my husband. We normally don’t exchange gifts due to costs and we don’t actually NEED anything. Although I gave him quite a scare when I said, “I think I like rum and ginger beer more than moscow mules.” He had already ordered them and panicked that he got me the wrong thing. read more

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I’m a Housewife, Not a Prisoner

In this day and age, it seems like everyone is getting “outraged” at something. I have more of what I call “eye roll” moments. I hear something on tv and it gets a huge eye roll from me. One tv show I was watching likened being a housewife to being a hostage or prisoner. Like the tasks of taking care of your home and family was beneath them and any woman with any ambition and drive would choose something else.

Listen, I know being a housewife isn’t for every woman. But to flat-out think that being a housewife isn’t a job is ridiculous! A job is defined as a specific duty, role, or function. My role in the family is to take care of the house and my family. My husband obviously does this as well, but he is away from the home about 50 hours a week so most if it left to me. read more

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Garlic and Lime Guacamole

Garlic and lime guacamole, an easy and delicious guacamole recipe.

Garlic and lime guacamole, a delicious and easy guacamole recipe that comes together in just one hour!!

Another Tyler Florence recipe coming at ya. I adapted this guacamole recipe from Tyler Florence when I was in pursuit of a cheaper alternative to the store brand Wholly guacamole. It is one of my favorites but I was tired of paying so much for it when I knew I can make it cheaper for myself.

I could live on guacamole. Besides pizza, it really is the perfect food. Delicious, healthy, and versatile. You can eat it with chips or have it on top of toast. Or serve it with my slow roasted chicken tacos!  read more

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KonMari Folding with Kids

I tried the KonMari folding method with my kids. Here is how it turned out!

Want your kids help with the laundry? Do your kids take FOREVER to fold their clothes? Try KonMari folding with kids as a solution! Click here for more!

Laundry is an endless task. Whether you have 10 kids or 2, it always seems like there are clothes, sheets, and towels to wash. I am lucky in that I don’t mind doing laundry, (my DIY laundry detergent really helps this!) but I don’t want my kids to grow up never having done laundry. Everything from washing and drying to folding and putting away.

But let me tell you, it’s much easier than it sounds. It would be so much faster and less stressful if I just did it myself!! Why do my children fight me so much on such a simple task?! Enter the KonMari method. read more