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Healthy Lunch Ideas for your Husband

Healthy lunch ideas to pack for your husband!

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One of the benefits of being a homeschooling family is no lunches to pack!! In fact, Harley makes lunch for her and her sister everyday for a small fee.

The girls and I may eat lunch at home, but I still have to pack a lunch for my husband. Partly because I enjoy it, and partly so he can spend time with the kids before work. I also have become pretty good at it, so I am going to let you in on some of my secrets to help other parents with lunches for themselves and/or their kids. read more

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How to Help a Grieving Spouse

How to help your partner cope with loss

Losing a parent is a devastating loss. How do you help your spouse in the grieving process? Read this for information on how to help a grieving spouse.

“The pain doesn’t go away. You just make room for it.” This quote from The Walking Dead is the best saying I have heard about the grieving process. My father-in-law was killed in a work place accident. My husband is my best friend, biggest supporter, and my partner in everything. The death of his father was the hardest time in our marriage. Even though, years later, I would deal in my own way with this loss, I knew it was my job as his wife and partner to help him through this hard time. I am not a grief counselor or psychologist but I speak from personal experience on how to help a grieving spouse. read more

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10 Date Night Movies for Parents

10 Alternative Date Night Movie Ideas 

Looking for date night movie ideas to watch with your spouse? Check out this post on how to look to your relationship for clues!

What parents don’t love date night! However, why does it always seem like we never go on honest-to-goodness dates?! Dates with no kids, relaxation, and fun. It’s probably because staying home is so much easier. Going out for date night can be such a chore: lining up babysitters, deciding what to do, staying up after 9 pm, and actually having to put on a bra are all cons of a night out.

Which is why many couples prefer the at-home date night. Movie night, usually, being the top choice. read more

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20 Amazon Gifts for the Truck Driver in Your Life

Make gift giving easy by shopping on Amazon! This gift guide for truck drivers will help you find the perfect gift for any occasion.

I’m the proud wife of a trucker and have been for over 10 years now. Whether it’s your husband or brother, most families have a trucker in their life. And let me fill you in a little secret. Men LOVE practical gifts!! This means that finding a gift for the truck driver in your life is super easy!

Not excluding the ladies, but women make up only 6% of the trucking industry so I think it’s safe to say men here 😉

Click on the description or the image to be taken to Amazon where you can purchase these trucker approved items! read more

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The Only 4 At-Home Date Night Ideas You Need!!

4 simple, fun, and no-prep at-home date night ideas.

Date night ideas and themes are a dime a dozen but I think you really only need 4 at-home date night ideas. Check them out here!

I’m going to introduce something a little crazy. I think there are only 4 at-home date nights you need. Four! That’s it. Not to say you should only GO on four dates a year, you simply only need these four ideas for at-home date nights.

You can do one a month and repeat the whole list 3 times a year. Or once a week, or pick 2 a month and repeat. Don’t be scared of repetition guys. It may seem like it lacks choices, but the more at-home date nights you have, the more routine they become. The more routine they become the more time you are spending together! Mingon McLaughlin once said “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” read more