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Unschooling Curriculum

An unschooling curriculum, the key to organizing your school year.

Unschooling Curriculum

It’s curriculum planning time in the homeschool community! Well, most people have already made their curriculum choices. However, if you are a procrastinator like me (raises hand) then you are still in the planning stages. Luckily, we are a laid back, unschooling family in a low-regulation state. (All about homeschooling laws in our state of Wisconsin in this past blog post.)

I know, I know. Why do you need an unschooling curriculum. I don’t plan out or buy a curriculum. I plan/design/print our curriculum at this stage of homeschooling. I do like having a loosely planned curriculum since my kids are so young. Having my undivided attention as they do school work, they are able to focus during their free play the rest of the day. They aren’t needing so much of Mom’s attention. I also need a plan to fulfill the homeschool law requirements. So I guess you could say we are a combination of unschooling and unit studies. read more

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Adjustment to Homeschooling

When we first decided to homeschool, we had many concerns: curriculum, teaching them to read, money, time, socialization. One thing we foolishly forgot was getting Fofo on board. Lilly has never been to traditional school so we weren’t worried about her adjusting. Fofo went to preschool at 3 and 4 years old so she was used to a school setting. The fact she was going to be homeschooled didn’t really sink in the first time we told her. Or the other numerous times we told over the summer.¬†Even finding out one of her favorite people, Pioneer Woman, homeschools her kids, didn’t sell her on homeschooling. read more

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5 Ways to Encourage Healthy Living in Kids

5 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy

Be proactive, and teach your kids about staying healthy. This post will help parents with five tips for keeping kids healthy.

The American Heart Association estimates about 1 in 3 children and teenagers are overweight or obese. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for keeping diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes at bay. Not to mention having a positive self body image is good for mental health.

So what can we do as parents to help promote healthy lifestyle choices and encourage healthy living?

Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy

1. Get them moving!

I am certainly guilty of letting my kids have too much screen time, but I do try to balance it by making sure they get enough physical activity. Walks, bike rides, and playing with friends are all excellent ways kids can burn off energy. read more