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The Ultimate List of Delaware Unit Study Books for Homeschoolers

20 Essential Delaware Unit Study Books for Your Homeschool!

Studying the States this year? Looking to start with Delaware, the first state? This post has 20 Delaware unit study books that will rock your homeschool!

Who has the best state joke? Is it Wayne’s World?

Or Jim Gaffigan?

I honestly thought of both these jokes when I began researching the states for our state unit study. What can I say, I love to laugh. Sometimes so much so that I crack myself up.

Being a proponent of literature-based curriculum, I start my research for any topic we are studying with a good book list. My kids told me they wanted to study the United States, so we started our state unit study with the first state, Delaware. read more

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20 Picture Books for Women’s History Month

20 picture books about strong women for either Women’s History Month or all year long!

Do you love reading books where you say, "I never knew that?!" Then check out this post for 20 picture books about strong women you can read during Women's History Month!

Marge Piercy said, “A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.” As a girl mom, a history lover, and a homeschool teacher, I love teaching my girls about extraordinary women. But they don’t always have to be women that everyone knows.

I am a lover of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I love reading a story or a book that makes me say, “who knew?!” March is Women’s History Month and it’s a perfect time to read about new historical “who knew?!” figures. I think these stories lend themselves best to picture books so here is a list of 20 pictures books for Women’s History Month. read more

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15 Chapter Audiobooks Kids Love

Chapter audiobooks are a great way to include more reading in your homeschool.

chapter audiobooks

I have such a love affair with audiobooks. One of the best times of my life was when my husband was a long-haul truck driver, and I would go with him on the road for two week stretches. As fun as it was, you still need to occupy your time and one of the best ways is with audiobooks. We listened to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (just to name a few) and we were hooked!

Audiobooks also helped my oldest daughter learn to read! We would listen to chapter audiobooks, and she would follow along with the book. It really fired up her love of reading. We have listened to about 30 audiobooks in the past year and today I am sharing with you 15 chapter audiobooks you and your kids will love listening to! read more

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5 Positive Parenting Books That Will Change Your Life

No one told you there would be homework when it came to parenting, but with these five positive parenting books, you will feel like an expert in no time!

Positive Parenting Books

They say kids don’t come with instruction manuals, but they kind of do. A simple Amazon search of “parenting books” yields 228,572 results. My local library: 1681 results! The resources for parents are out there. It’s the sorting through them that is daunting and, at times, discouraging. Today I am sharing 5 parenting books I absolutely love and highly recommend. read more