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Deschooling Preschool

Deschooling preschool, what it is and why you may need to do it.

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When we first decided to homeschool, we had many concerns: curriculum, teaching them to read, money, time, socialization. One thing we foolishly forgot was getting Harley on board.

Harley went to preschool when she was 3 and 4 so she was used to a school setting. The summer following her preschool years, she was a little confused about what homeschooling was and she wasn’t sold on the idea. She is a creature of habit and breaking her of her routine is something she doesn’t handle well. read more

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Unschooling Curriculum

Modified unschooling, combining instructional methods for child-led learning.

modified unschooling

I used to be indecisive. . . but now I’m not so sure. BUT! One thing I can say for sure is that the best decision I have ever made was to homeschool my kids.

I never imagined myself as a homeschooler, more about our decision to homeschool in this post, but when we found ourselves thinking of homeschooling I did what I always do. I go down the rabbit hole and research. I read all the blogs, all the homeschool books, and devoured any information I could get my hands on. read more

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The Rules and Regulations for Homeschooling in Wisconsin

Understanding Wisconsin homeschool laws is the first step to homeschooling in Wisconsin.

The first step to homeschooling is finding out the laws and regulations in your state. Curious about Wisconsin homeschool laws? Click here to find out more!

Congratulations! I assume you have found your way to this site because you are either thinking about homeschooling or have made the awesome choice to homeschool your kids. This blog post is going to take you through the legal requirements for homeschooling in Wisconsin.

Check out these posts if you are still on the fence about homeschooling! 

First off, what does it mean to homeschool?

Wisconsin Homeschool Laws

You live in Wisconsin, you want to homeschool. What does the law require? Wisconsin is a low-regulation state meaning, we have a few laws in place for homeschoolers, but not many. read more

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Homeschool Supplies from Amazon!

10 Homeschool supplies you can order from Amazon!

Looking for a list of homeschool supplies? Need tips on where to buy your supplies? Check out this post for 10 homeschool supplies you can get from Amazon!

Back-to-school time is great opportunity for homeschoolers stock up on some supplies: notebooks, markers, folders. I don’t know about you, but everytime I brave back-to-school shopping I either can’t find what I need or they are sold out of what I wanted to buy! It’s so frustrating. I would much rather replenish my school needs from Amazon. No crowds and I always get what I need.

Homeschool Supplies from Amazon

Traditional School Supplies

Pilot G2 pens are the absolute best pens in the whole world and you should never use another type of pen ever, ever, ever. We go through a ton of these pens and Amazon always has the best price for them! read more

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Homeschool Supplies

A tour of an unschooler’s school room and our homeschool supplies!

homeschool supplies

Besides curriculum for the year, one of the most talked about homeschool topics is homeschool supplies and organization. Today I want to take you on a tour of our homeschool room and list some of the resources I have found helpful for homeschooling my daughters, ages 4 and 6.

Homeschool/Play room

First off, a couple of panoramic shots of our homeschool room. It’s more of a play room at the moment. We haven’t found a desk that works for what we need. Any sit down work we do takes place at the kitchen table. read more