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5 Nonfiction Books for Fiction Lovers

5 nonfiction books for fiction lovers that keep the pages turning!

If you love to read fiction, but need a nonfiction book to mix things up? Check out this post for 5 nonfiction books for fiction lovers!

I love to read. During the summer of 2016, I was really able to catch up on my reading list since my kids wanted to go to the pool everyday. I literally sat in a lawn chair for almost the whole summer. It was glorious. I am an avid fiction reading. I love mysteries, novels, suspense, young adult literature, and so on and so on. But every once in a while, I need to change things up and read an awesome nonfiction book. A book with a great story, excellent point of view, and keeps the reader engaged. read more

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10 Hobbies for Housewives

10 hobbies for moms, the key to keeping your sanity with young children.

Women often put themselves on the back burner, but finding a hobby to suit you is a great way to revive your life. This post has 10 Hobbies for Housewives!

I hear a lot of women say, “I could never stay at home with my kids. I would get so bored!” Or “I have all this free time at home and I have no idea what to do with myself!” Whether you just became a housewife or you have been one for several years, the key to being a successful wife and mother is taking care of YOU!!

Why Housewives need a Hobby?

A hobby is defined as “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation that is engaged in primarily for pleasure.” It seems like such a luxury to have spare time to take just to yourself but it is essential for your mental well-being. You are more than a wife and a mother! You need to take care of you. And pursuing a hobby is great way to practice self-care. read more

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Surly’s Reading List

My current reading list, an excellent start for a reading list for women!

reading list for women

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” Wait a minute. That isn’t right. But a Surly trivia point to whoever can name that movie!! For as long as I can remember, I have always loved reading. I had stacks of Babysitters Club books, and I would spend my weekends reading and rereading them. To this day I still love libraries and book stores and am always on the hunt for the next great book. read more

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Why Jigsaw Puzzles Are The Best Hobby

My favorite hobby, jigsaw puzzles, is perfect for homeschool moms: fun AND educational!

best jigsaw puzzles for adults

Raise your hand if you are as obsessed with jigsaw puzzles as I am?! I don’t know when I turned 80 years old, but I’ve come to the realization that I’m “ecstatic-for-my-puzzle-of-the-month-club-puzzle” years old.

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

As homeschool moms, we like to frame many things in the “how does this help us learn” category. Jigsaw puzzles are an excellent way for mom to practice self-care, but the whole family can benefit from this activity. Besides being fun and relaxing, puzzles help with reasoning, analyzing, sequencing, deduction, logical thought processes, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial arrangements. They also increase concentration, creativity, and helps sharpen our memory. But how? read more

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25 TV Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

Netflix recommendations guaranteed to be your next obsessive binge watch! 

25 Netflix Recommendations for the tv lover

I am self-admitted tv addict, and I think settling down with my favorite tv show is the ultimate in self-care. So for those of you wondering what to watch on Netflix, I am gonna share with you 25 of my favorite shows you can binge watch on Netflix right now!

I want to add that I have watched all of these tv series, so when I say I am a tv connoisseur I am not joking!

Check out this post if you are wondering what to watch on Amazon Prime and HBO NOW. read more