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Self-Care 101 for Moms

How a car podcast produced an aha moment about me time for moms

I haven't always taking the best care of myself since I became a mom. Check out this post on how a car podcast changed my thoughts on me time for moms.

Like most moms, I have a hard time planning “me time” into my week. I know I’m supposed to get out of the house and away from the kids but it always seems more trouble than it’s worth. First I would have to decide what to do, where to go, and who to do it with. Then they would have to be available on that day and want to do the thing I want to do and go the place I want to go. It’s easier to just avoid the decision fatigue and stay home. read more

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Living with Depression

How exactly does it feel to live with depression?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live with depression? What does it feel like to be depressed? Click here to find out more!

Trying to describe what it’s like living with depression is like trying to describe a sunset. You know all the correct adjectives and nouns, but the description always falls short of seeing it for yourself.

I have blogged previously about my experience recognizing my depression. I am currently on medication which helps, but I am not “cured” of my depression. It’s much more manageable than it once was and my good days far outnumber my bad. But I still feel some of the depression symptoms. read more

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5 Tips for Healing from Anemia

Tips for treating anemia, five things I did to aid in my recovery.

Menorrhagia anemia is when your heavy menstrual bleeding causes you to become anemic. Check out this post for five tips for treating anemia.

Recovering from my endometrial ablation in 2016 was rather quick and painless. Recovering from the anemia as a result of my menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding) was a much longer and more difficult process.

For almost three months I was having constant heavy bleeding. I didn’t feel the impact of the severe bleeding until about a month in. I was hanging laundry on the line and I was out of breath and my heart was racing. Like, I-just-worked-out racing. A few days later the doctor’s office called with my blood results saying I was anemic and should start taking an iron supplement. read more

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Poolside Reading

5 genres of books to add to your poolside reading list!

Poolside Reading

Poolside reading is one of the best things about summer. Relaxing in the hot summer air with cool breezes while your kids get out all their energy playing, splashing, and swimming. When it comes to poolside reading, I have five basic genres I go to: mystery series, young adult literature, major works, parenting books, and personal development.

If you have not checked out Surly’s Reading List, make sure you click on over to see ALL the books on my reading list. read more

Taking care of Me

Self-Care for Moms | The Secret to Self-Care with Littles

Self-care for moms is the key to survival during the early years. But how do we do it with littles ones in the house?

Self-care for moms

When I first started my blog, I wanted to dedicate a portion of it to what I call “Taking care of me.” Taking care of me, or self-care, at it’s most simplistic level is what is it that will help you keep your sanity. What is it that makes you feel less stressed at the end of a long day. Self-care will be different for every mom and it looks different as your kids grow up and goes through different stages. Self-care for moms is probably the hardest when their kids are little. How do you set aside time for yourself when you have little kids that require so much attention? read more