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5 Tips for Healing from Anemia

Tips for treating anemia, five things I did to aid in my recovery.

Menorrhagia anemia is when your heavy menstrual bleeding causes you to become anemic. Check out this post for five tips for treating anemia.

Recovering from my endometrial ablation in 2016 was rather quick and painless. Recovering from the anemia as a result of my menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding) was a much longer and more difficult process.

For almost three months I was having constant heavy bleeding. I didn’t feel the impact of the severe bleeding until about a month in. I was hanging laundry on the line and I was out of breath and my heart was racing. Like, I-just-worked-out racing. A few days later the doctor’s office called with my blood results saying I was anemic and should start taking an iron supplement. read more

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Managing Depression | My aha Moment

Managing depression can be as simple as an aha moment.

Managing Depression

I LOVE aha moments. Oprah Winfrey describes aha moments as “those moments when I sit down to talk to somebody and they say something that makes me look at life or a situation in a completely different way. And I say, ‘Aha! I get it!’ Light bulb . . . and the little hairs on your arm stand up. That is an aha moment.” After recognizing my depression, the next step was managing depression. My aha moment was a critical part of that. It helped me fully understand my depression, and what I was going through. read more

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My Story with Endometrial Ablation

Endometrial ablation, what is it, and how it saved my sanity.

Heavy periods don't need to take over your life. Endometrial ablation can help you stop heavy bleeding and let you live your life.

Parents tend to put themselves on the back burner once they have kids. Women are especially guilty of this, even if is at the expense of our health. We put off doctor appointments, eat unhealthy food, don’t get enough exercise, don’t get the sleep we need, and we put off to tomorrow what needs to be done today. This was certainly the case in failing to recognize my depression when my children were younger. But sometimes, putting off ourselves can have negative consequences on our physical health. read more

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Recognizing my Depression

Signs of depression and how I came to realize I was depressed.  

Depression and motherhood are often talked about. But how do you know if you have it? I know my road to recognizing my depression wasn't what it normally looks like. The first step in understanding and overcoming depression is recognizing it within yourself. Signs of depression shouldn't be ignored. There is help! Click here to read my story.

The onset of my depression didn’t come where you would expect it. It didn’t come after my father-in-law died. It didn’t come after the dissolution of a 15 year-long friendship. It didn’t come after trying to conceive with no results. It didn’t come after my uncle died. It didn’t come after the birth of either of my kids. It didn’t come after my dad got a blood infection in knee and almost lost his leg. It came in November of 2011 when comedian Patrice O’Neal died. read more

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Mary Kay Clear Proof® Acne System Review

A review and before and after results of the Mary Kay Clear Proof® Acne System!

Thinking of purchasing Mary Kay Clear Proof® Acne System? Check out this post for a review and before and after results of the Clear Proof® Acne System!

Self-care is a huge part of being a successful housewife. More about self-care tips here. That’s why I was thrilled when my amazing cousin Betsy sent me a Facebook message asking if I wanted to test out a product for Mary Kay: Mary Kay Clear Proof® Acne System. I figured, why not? Mary Kay is a super-reputable company, and my cousin wouldn’t steer me wrong. I mean we practically grew up together.

I remember first hearing about Mary Kay when I was little girl. My neighbor had an aunt who sold it and she gave us a skin care lesson. I still remember about T-zones to this day 🙂 Mary Kay is a household name. For 50 years now, they have sold cosmetics as well as empowering women to start their own Mary Kay business. I’m sure everyone reading this either knows someone who sells Mary Kay or their mom had in the house growing up. read more