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40 Books by 40 – Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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I was always a reader growing up, until college. College not only destroyed any sense of creativity I may have had, it made me detest reading. No I take that back. I believe I enjoyed maybe 2 things I read. “All Quiet on the Western Front,” who doesn’t enjoy bloody, trench warfare. And “Angels in America,” because no theatre class is complete without it.

In the six years since I graduated, between work, two kids, and lets face it great tv: Lost, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Weeds, Dexter, Walking Dead, Louie, Real Housewives, Game of Thrones, wait. What was I saying? Oh yeah. Books. During the past six years, I have eased back into reading but I haven’t been able to get into a regular routine of reading again. Until now. In order to make myself more accountable, I challenged myself to read 40 books by the time I am 40.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn was captivating, suspenseful, and thought provoking. Click here to leave more about this great book and my reading challenge!

The first book in this unremarkable challenge is “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn. I LOVED this book. It was captivating, suspenseful, and thought provoking. So much so, I’m afraid of mentioning any details of the book so it isn’t ruined for others. I LOVE imperfect characters, family drama, and suspense. This book was perfect for me. Camille, a reporter, returns to her small town to investigate the disappearance of a young girl and the death of another young girl the year before. Her mother is a wackado and her little half-sister is a cunt. I’m thinking my lack of good and appropriate adjectives are the reason i didn’t so well with reports in school. Shrug. Therefore, I won’t waste your time with a review. It was a great book and I highly recommend it.

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