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How to Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long

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Teach your kids to value the Earth all year-long with these 5 Earth Day Quotes!

Earth Day Quotes

I am not a fan of one-off holidays. Valentine’s Day isn’t my thing. April Fool’s Day is annoying, and our love of America is all year, not only on Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Veteran’s day. I find Earth Day to be one of those one-off holidays. We should value the Earth and the environment all year-long. Instill in our kids to respect and honor mother nature. Today’s blog post shares 5 quotes and ideas on how you and your family can celebrate Earth Day all year round.

Earth Day Quotes

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir

Getting out into nature is a spiritual and reviving experience. If you go for a hike or visit a state park, a simple lesson you can teach your kids is to leave it cleaner than when you arrived. Teach them not to litter. Also teach them about treating things in nature with respect. Don’t disturb any of the natural habitat. You shouldn’t hit trees, break off branches, or trample flowers.

Include nature in your home by decorating with plants or growing a flower garden. Seeing beauty in your own backyard does wonders for the soul.

“The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will.” Teddy Rosevelt

Bears and big cats, also know as charismatic megafauna, often get all the attention when it comes to wild animal conservation. But you can help wildlife in your own backyard: squirrels, rabbits, birds. Learn what to do if you come across wildlife when you are in nature. What do you do if you see a stranded or injured animal? Most of the time you want to leave baby animals alone because the mother will come back. If the mother does not return or is killed or the babies suffer injuries call a wildlife rehabilitation service. They know the best and safest way to take care of anything that may be in your backyard.

Help wildlife in your neighborhood by creating a backyard sanctuary. All you need is a couple of bird feeders. It’s amazing how much they attract wildlife to your yard. Seeing nature in your own backyard will increase your desire to keep animals safe.

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.” Aldo Leopold

Conservation is a complex and, sometimes, controversial subject. Educate yourself on the facts. Read the works of John Muir and Aldo Leopold to learn about the beginnings of conservation. Watch documentaries to learn about animal behavior.  Planet Earth is an excellent documentary to learn about the amazing animals we have on Earth. Educate yourself on what nature can do for itself. Conservation isn’t limited to fossil fuels and polar bears. It includes the small things we do everyday that have an effect on nature. Because the more you learn about Mother Nature, the more learn you how badass she is.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir

The more time you spend outdoors, the more you appreciate Mother Nature. Biking or walking to your destinations is an excellent way to celebrate Earth Day all year-long. You save on gas but you are also exercising your body. Healthy humans make for a healthy planet.

“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.” John James Audubon

Reduce, reuse, recycle is an effective and simple adage. Teaching our children how to do these three things will ensure a healthy environment. After all, it is our job to teach our children to treat others with love and respect. Teaching our children how to be stewards of the Earth is the purpose of Earth Day.

You don’t need to do crafts or sing songs to celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is about respecting nature. Building a connection between kids and nature is the best way to honor Mother Nature.

You don't need to do activities to celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is about respecting nature. 5 Earth Day quotes to help build a connection between kids and nature thus teaching them to honor Mother Nature.

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