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Happy Birthday Lilly Bear!!!

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Let’s pretend it’s a month ago. March 24th to be exact. Happy fourth Birthday to my sweet little Lilly!!

Family photos taken by a professional photographer are super important to me, especially when your home computer crashes and you lose baby pics of your youngest 🙁 We did have a hard drive back-up but we did lose some photos and the ones we have left are just thumbnail size.

Luckily, we have high quality, professional pictures of Lilly going all the way back to 6 weeks old. (These were stored off site so they were able to be restored)

Then again at 6 months. Such a pretty baby 🙂

At 9 months she got to model hair clips.

1 year!! FYI she did cake smashing before it was a thing 🙂

18 Months. Those eyes!

2 years. That smile!

3 and a half. Quite the little ham.

And 4 years old!! My sweet little baby is 4. The adage “The days are long but the years are short” could not be true enough. It seems like just yesterday I had my last day of work and my journey as a housewife began. I was so excited to have a little baby to cuddle. Little did I know, she needed to be left alone to sleep. She more than makes up for her cuddles now though.


Now she is a full fledged little girl who loves to paint, play outside, and just chill. Lilly just is. She doesn’t need to be constantly doing anything or be entertained. She is content to hang out by herself. She has a killer smile with more dimples than I can count. I love this little girl so much.

Part of the reason I waited to do this post (aside from sheer laziness) was I was waiting for Lilly to get her 4 year old portraits done. I know I have said it before but one of my BFF’s Carrie is an AH-MAZING photographer (check her out here!!!) She did a super hero inspired photo shoot for a little boy and I knew Bear would love to do something like that!! She was Batman for Halloween after all. I knew a fun, character inspired photo shoot would be just the thing for her. She is often overshadowed by her older sister and they often take pictures together. I wanted her to have something that was just hers. Then one fateful day she had a ponytail in and some wisps had fallen into her face (courtesy of her own haircut) and my husband says “Man, she really looks like Vanellope.” Lightbulb! A Wreck-it Ralph inspired photo session. I set out to find her an outfit and worked with Carrie on “candies” to put in her hair. I love how all the photos turned out. They just shouted Lilly!

Lilly is a bit on the unique side. She can be a handful sometimes as well as a bit of a cry baby, but she is a sensitive, old soul. The bad guy affirmation from the movie Wreck-it Ralph seems to sum her up perfectly: “I am bad, and that’s good. I will never be good and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.” There’s no one I would want her to be either. We love you so much Lilly Bear. Quirks and all xoxo

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