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Letter of the Week – Letter J

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Ideas and crafts for letter J activities for preschool!

Letter J Activities for Preschool

Our preschool “curriculum” was super simple and followed the “Letter of the Week” format. For the letter “J” we did activities that related to jelly fish, jelly beans, and Jello. At ages 3 and 5, we spent about 30 minutes to an hour each day doing these formal sit down activities and crafts. The girls spend a lot of time playing together. We also read books, walk the dogs, and spend time with our homeschool group.

Letter J Activities for Preschool


Bear practices writing her J’s with a printable from the blog 3 Dinosaurs . . .
Letter J worksheets

Her rainbow writing from Time 4 Kindergarten . . .

letter j printables

And her Animal ABC’s (Jellyfish!) from 1+1+1=1

Jelly fish craft

Harley worked on letter identification with do-a-dot markers with a printable from Over the Big Moon . . .

letter j worksheets

And then her work for her ABC book. J was for Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

Jake the Neverland Pirate printable


I was inspired by No Time for Flash Cards for this activity. I saw jelly beans, and I knew I needed to look no further. It’s a super simple activity and one that the girls just loved. The hardest part was keeping from eating all the jelly beans. Ok, and me too 😉

I started by just cutting out a letter J, which the girls glued on the paper.

jelly bean craft

Then they simply glued the jelly beans on to the J. A simple letter identification activity that also worked fine motor skills.

jelly bean craft
jelly bean activity for preschoolers
letter j craft for preschoolers

Sensory Play

I was so excited to do this frozen jello sensory play that I found on The Imagination Tree. Actually, at first I was a little scared because I can literally not make jello. No joke. Never sets up for me. So I knew this sensory play would be interesting.

jello sensory activity

Right off the bat, the girls loved the smell of the gelatin.

jello sensory activity

We mixed up the gelatin according to the directions and then added some glitter. The girls stirred it up some and then we put in the fridge to set up.

jello sensory activity

I got a pleasent surprise when the jello set up. I got it to work! Woot!! The girls then scooped the jello into some ziploc bags.

jello sensory activity
jello sensory activity

Then they played with it in the bags for a little mess-free fun. With Harley’s head apparently.

jello sensory play
jello sensory play

Then into the freezer it went! After it froze, we took it out for some more fun. Bear dug right in . . .

frozen jelly sensory play
frozen jello sensory play

But Harley was a little more cautious. I think she was worried about it being too cold.

frozen jello sensory activity
frozen jello sensory activity

They LOVED this activity and got the jello out to play with several times. Playing with it both inside the bag and out. Towards the end we put it out on a cookie sheet so they could really dig in. It was awesome sensory experience. From the smell, to the feel of the different textures, and look of it with the glitter. So fun!

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What about you? Have you done any fun crafts or sensory play lately? Thanks for reading!

Letter J activities for preschool are a fun and hands-on way for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartens to learn and practice the alphabet. Our Letter J work included jelly fish printables, a jelly bean craft, and a fun, frozen jello sensory play activity

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