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“Why did you want kids Mama?”

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Are you looking to be a better mom? Looking for some encouragement and advice? Check out this post for some insight (and giggles) from my daughter on why having kids isn't always fun.

Kids ask all sorts of questions: “Where do babies come from?” “Why does it rain?” “Why can’t we go to the park?” “Why can’t we go to the library?” “Why can’t we . . . ” The list could go on for an eternity. Fofo really surprised me when she asked, “Mama, why did you want kids?” I mean, it isn’t a hard question to answer, but how do you convey your passion for wanting to start a family to a 5 year old little girl.

Well, Fofo had her answer for why Mama and Papa wanted kids. But she still wasn’t satisfied. She had her own list of things on why you WOULDN’T want kids. I am not one to vent in front of my kids about the hardships of parenthood. My husband gets that priviledge. But her clever little mind knows that some things about having kids are just plain not fun.

1. No Relaxing. I guess I look like I need a vacation

2. No Quiet. I guess she doesn’t realize I have these little magic hearing devices that I can turn off it it gets too loud. One of the benefits of being hearing impaired.

3. You have to answer questions. Really? Ya don’t say.

4. You have to get up and make breakfast at 13 o’clock. Not in military time. That’s the earliest time she could think of.

5. You have to play. And that’s bad because?

6. You have to make campfires. I don’t “have” to do anything. You are just demanding, child.

I’m not sure where this notion of the un-fun part of parenthood came from, but despite of and because of all these reasons,my husband and I wanted a family. The early mornings, the laughs, the dinners, the family time. All of it , is worth it.

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2 thoughts on ““Why did you want kids Mama?””

  1. Wow, she’s quite the thinker! It’s downright scary what these small little people can observe about “life” sometimes. Anyway, it is absolutely worth it… and hopefully she picks up on all of that too. 🙂

    1. She loves her baby cousins and dotes on them so much 🙂 I think she impressed herself too with how much she knew. We laughed at a few and that helped fuel her fire lol.

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