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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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5 tips on how to beat the winter blues!

Does winter get you down? Check out this post for tips on how to beat the winter blues and keep your house cozy all winter long!

The average temperature in my area of Wisconsin during the winter is around 30 degrees with about 10 hours of daylight a day. Needless to say, if you spend too much time in the house you will go a little stir crazy. Outdoor winter activities are great, but the long dark winter can get to you.

The air in the house gets stale and stagnant and you long for spring days of warm sunshine and refreshing breezes. But it doesn’t have to be that way!! I have five ways you can keep your home cozy and inviting this winter.

How to Beat the Winter Blues


I love to light candles during the dark days of winter. I love the shimmering of candlelight. I use unscented tea lights for sconces in the hallway and the bathroom.

For the rest of the house I love to use scented jar candles

Candles in the bedroom, candles on the dining table, candles on the coffee table. ALL THE CANDLES!!

Scented candles are a lifesaver during the winter. The house can smell like baking cookies or you can be whisked away to an ocean front. The power of smell is truly transforming. But it isn’t just candles that can do this.

Candle Warmers

Scentsy warmers are amazing, but they can get spendy. I use a candle warmer much like this one to melt the last bit of wax in the candle after the wick has burned out.

I like to get all my money’s worth out of candles! We live life on a budget, as our goal is to become debt free, so I make sure I get a great deal on candles. I have had great luck in the clearance aisle at Walmart and Walgreens. But my go to place for candles is Shopko. They have great sales on candles that last a long time and smell great!


Another scent enhancer! Incense is great because it is fairly inexpensive, it doesn’t burn for a long time, and the scent fills the room fast. As an added bonus, it helps my kids sleep at night too.

Keep the house clean

It’s tempting not to clean in the winter because it doesn’t feel like things get dirty, but you can see all the difference if you keep up your regular cleaning routine. I do laundry on a regular basis to keep the sheets and towels smelling fresh. And the whole family does a quick house clean on Saturday mornings. Teaches the kids responsibility and the house gets clean. Win-win!

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Bird Feeders

During the winter, it seems like everything is hibernating. The trees are bare. The snow is blinding. People are cooped up in side. But the birds and squirrels are still out!! Seeing birds at the feeder each morning reminds you that nature doesn’t stop in the winter.

We put a bird feeder much like this one on a post right outside our living room window.

We keep it filled with black oil sunflower seeds. Sitting at the window watching them husk the seeds and scuffle with other squirrels provides entertainment during the doldrums of winter.

In addtion to our squirrel feeder and regular bird feeder, we love our finch feeder!

We keep it stocked with thistle seed to attract pretty birds all winter.

Winter doesn’t have to be a time where you stare out the window and long for summer to arrive faster. Take joy in the present moment and use my five tips to keep your home happy and cozy this winter!


Does winter get you down? Check out this post for tips on how to beat the winter blues and keep your house cozy all winter long!

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