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2 Easy Ways to Organize Your Family’s Snacks

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My snack storage ideas that promote independence!

Snack storage ideas that allow kids to get their own snacks. But simple enough so your kids get healthy snacks whenever they need them!

“Can I have a snack please?” Any parent who spends extended periods of time with their kids have probably heard this question about 9000 times over the course of their kids’ lives. And if your kids are anything like mine, they ask at the most inconvenient time: i.e. when I want to take a nap 🙂

I was becoming so irritated at the constant nagging for snacks, I needed to come up with a solution before I started throwing apples at my children. Just kidding. Maybe. Perhaps.

I started racking my brain for snack storage ideas. I wanted to find one container for the refrigerated snacks and one for non-perishable snacks.

Snack Storage Ideas

Snack Box

I knew I wanted a “snack box” so I could put all their snacks in for the day and be done with it. The trouble was finding the actual box! Seriously how hard is it to find smallish reusable container that fits in your fridge. I’m so glad I found these!

yogurt and string cheese in a storage container

snack box for young kids

Tada!! A small, shoebox, 6×6 tote which holds their refrigerated snacks for the day. They are easy to open and has plenty of room for their food. I have each labeled with their name and they love to look and see what snacks they have for the day!

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snack boxes in the refrigerator

Both the containers fit perfectly side by side in the fridge. I fill them up in the morning when I am packing my husbands lunch, usually yogurt and string cheese.

Non-perishable Snacks

I have a hatred for bananas. I don’t eat bananas. I haven’t been able to since they made me sick when I was pregnant. But besides that, the smell of bananas permeates the entire lunch box or container you are using.  So I needed to find another container to put bananas and dry goods in that do not need to be refrigerated.

bananas and pretzels in a blue bowl

Viola! A plastic serving bowl on clearance at Walgreens. Score! Sorry, I get excited at the small things. It’s the perfect size for bananas, servings of pretzels, granola bars, and popcorn. I put the bowl where my daughters can access it easily. They love the independence they have gained being able to get their own snacks and it really frees me up to do some of the other 7000 things I have to do. Like nap. Sorry, I like naps.

Looking for snack storage solutions? Are snacks taking over your life and your small space? Check out my post for 2 super simple snack storage solutions. They are easy enough for kids to get their own snacks. But simple enough so your kids get healthy snacks whenever they need them!

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