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Fall Field Trip Round-up

Happy Thursday everyone! From the start of our homeschooling journey, I always imagined all the cool field trips we would get to take with the girls and the awesome learning that would take place on said field trips. Ha! What a fool I was. Kids always have their own preconceived ideas of your destination. You say you are going on a field trip, they expect a park. Well my kids do anyway. Don’t get me wrong, the girls had fun every place we went, but it just didn’t go as I imagined. The girls interests weren’t always where I thought they would be.

A brief recap of our homeschool curriculum for this year, at least the field trip portion: homeschool day at the pumpkin farm, Buckskinners rendezvous, UW Badger volleyball game, Old World Wisconsin, park days/open gym, children’s museum, and gymnastics. First off, we didn’t make it to the rendezvous due to rain. Boo. We didn’t get to children’s museum on their free admission days because of yet again rain. We only have one car, and if my husband is unable to take his motorcycle to work, we are left without a car. No car, no children’s museum.

Even though we missed a couple of activities we more than made up for it with our park days and open gyms with our local homeschooling group. The girls are one of the youngest ones but they have so much fun and all the kids and moms are so super nice. And totally normal!! I met a fellow homeschooling mom on Instagram this week, and it really is amazing how normal homeschooling families are. It is probably the norm that most families ARE NOT the stereotypical strange, unsocialized, ultra-religious, anti-modern weirdos. But that is a topic for another time. The park days and open gyms were probably one of the best things we did this fall. We met new people, had a good time, and it showed the girls they weren’t alone in this homeschool thing. And Fofo’s gymnastics class was an awesome experience too, but I am posting enough photos today so all her gymnastics info is for another day. Ok. Starting from the beginning, because I am anal about timelines. Probably why I was, well frankly lost, during most of the tv show Lost but my idiocy aside, the first outing we had planned was a local German festival.

German Festival/Car show We went right after gymnastics on Saturday morning since that is when the free admission was. Little did we know that free admission meant nothing going on. But they did have a car show so Jason got to share his love of cars with the girls because god knows I could give a flying fuck about cars. I cringe when I ask him a question about cars because I know it will be a half hour discussion that I care nothing about. However, the girls LOVE cars so they had a good time looking at the classic cars.

Biff’s car!! I was impressed by this one.

The girls kept wanting to look inside the cars. Can’t miss any little detail!

Busy Barns Adventure Farm The German festival didn’t go as planned, but we had a perfect day at the homeschool outing at a local pumpkin farm. It was on a Tuesday so Jason couldn’t make it, but he has been there before so he wasn’t totally missing out.

We do miss him when he is gone though. Here we snapped a quick pic to send him as we were on the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch. Busy Barns has all the usual pumpkin farm amenities: petting zoo, corn box, corn maze, and much, much more 🙂 The runaway favorite with the girls was the big wooden cow they could pretend to milk.

The girls kept coming back to this all day!

I personally loved all the animals! The farm animals and the kittens and rabbits they have to adopt. Who doesn’t love a little kitten?!


The farm added a couple of attractions since the last time we were there. A music farm and an awesome slide in the barn hay loft. All the kids visiting really loved the slide.

We love visiting Busy Barns! The staff is so nice. The farm is always adding new attractions, and it is kept so clean and well manicured. You can tell they all take pride in their work. I love that they set aside a day for homeschoolers. Not only did we get a discounted price, but they don’t schedule any other tours or field trips that day so it isn’t insanely busy.

Park Opening. On our homeschool group calendar, I saw an event for a new park opening. It was open to public and was to include a hay ride and free pumpkins. It was a nice day so I figured why not check it out. Apparently we were the only ones. Ooof. Some local school kids and some old people. The girls had a good time, but it was a little awkward, as you can tell in this photo of the Bear with her pumpkin.

UW Badger Volleyball Game I am a HUGE volleyball fan. I played in high school and if any game is on tv I will watch. I don’t care who the teams are, I’m watching. The Badger athletic department offered a 6 tickets for 6 bucks for UW Bagder Volleyball game so I checked to see if my parents wanted to go with us and they said yes! My dad was my volleyball couch, and I have great memories spending time watching volleyball matches and learning about the sport with him. I wanted the girls to experience that too. Plus cheer on the Badgers! It was a rainy October afternoon when we saw Wisconsin take on Michigan State. Lilly was very excited!

Maybe not. This guy was excited too, but for total non-perverted reason. And by that I mean totally perverted reasons.

Again, the girls had a good time but didn’t really watch the game despite my dad’s best attempts to get Fofo into the game. She was more interested in stealing his hat.

Old World Wisconsin Last Monday, the whole family made the trip to Old World Wisconsin for their homeschool day. Old World Wisconsin is like an open-air museum, “a vivid re-creation of the working farmsteads and settlements established by European immigrants in America’s heartland.”  Fofo was super excited, she thought it was going to be like the pumpkin farm. Poor girl was a little disappointed. She was expecting a playground, not step back in time. Sadly the tram was one of her favorite parts.

And this gorgeous Percheron horse. The animals throughout the park are working farm animals, not petting zoo animals but he was interested in checking out if any of the kids had food for him. When they didn’t, he was like “fuck off” and walked away.

Jason was super excited to check out the blacksmith shop but it didn’t really hold the girls’ interest.

One of my favorite moments from the day was Fofo wanting to see the tracks the horses made after they walked down the street pulling a wagon. So adorable.

We rolled out pie dough and checked out the wood burning oven at the Four Mile Inn.

Fofo loves to be DOING something and being involved so one of her favorite moments was making a rope at the Sanford Barn.

We took a little hike to the Norwegian Area of the site to visit the Raspberry Schoolhouse. Who doesn’t love a one room school house. It was chilly day and Fofo didn’t want to leave the cozy, warm school.

Being over 50% German, I felt right at home on the German farm. I didn’t want to leave. The park has gorgeous heirloom gardens. Every area had their own garden and they were all beautiful. I would have loved to see them at their peak!

Jason and I absolutely loved it. There is so much to see and learn. The site is spread out, but they have trams to get around or you can several short cuts through the woods. However, it didn’t really keep the girls engaged since they are only 5 and 3. They simply wanted to run around and play. No listen about life in the 1800’s. Maybe next time they will get more out of it. I’m sure they made some nice memories that day and won’t remember they were being annoying little assholes. I kid! We had a great day as a family, it just wasn’t as we expected.

There you have it! Our fall field trips. We don’t have much planned in the next few months with the holidays coming up. So I think lots of snow forts and walks will be in our future. Oh and tv. Thanks for reading!


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