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Why we homeschool . . . and you should too!

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Why we homeschool . . . and think you should too!

why we homeschool

A friend and I were at the park a couple of years ago and the typical question came up, “Why did you choose to homeschool?” I was a little taken aback because this woman had been my friend for several years but we never had “the talk.”

We, like so many others, homeschool because it is the right fit for our family. We enjoy the freedom of scheduling, curriculum, and teaching our kids what we think they need to learn in order to survive and thrive as adults.

In fact, I think homeschooling is so awesome that I think many more families should do it! Think I’m crazy? Here are my 5 reasons we homeschool and you think you should too!!

Why We Homeschool


Homeschooling is an amazing way of living the mantra “Family first.” You spend more time with your family. Your day-to-day life revolves around your family and your schedule. You make decisions on a daily basis on what is best for your family.

“What books should we get from the library this week?” “Will my kid actually sit through this play?” “My kids sleep till 8 so an activity has to be pretty awesome to cut short their sleep ;)” We, like so many others, homeschool because it is the right fit for our family. It’s pretty awesome!


The amount of choices can be overwhelming at times: curriculum, enrichment activities, screen time, co-ops, the list could go on forever. Decision fatigue is real in homeschool moms. BUT all these choices mean you have endless options for your homeschool and your lifestyle If a curriculum doesn’t work, you can find a new one.

If your child has a different learning style than his or her siblings, you can make an adjustment so all your children are able to learn best. Your children’s educational journey is centered around your choices.


Oh my gosh the flexibility is amazing! School time isn’t just 8-3 Monday through Friday, You get to “do school” or take time off whenever you want! If your child is sick you don’t have to agonize over whether to send them to school. You can start your school work and see how they feel. You get to vacation in the off-season.

Children will learn best when they are at the skill level of what they are studying. For example, a child read in kindergarten but won’t be ready multiplication until they are 10. Or the reverse may be true. They can add and subtract at 5 but don’t learn to read until they are closer to 8. This principle, called the readiness factor, can be frustrating at times but it is a gift for homeschoolers. We are able to be flexible with our child’s learning abilities, skills, and readiness.

Being flexible allows you to accommodate each child. Your children’s educational journey is centered around their schedule.

Do I have what it takes to homeschool?


Values differ from one family to the next. If you have different values than the “mainstream,” I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to keep it from infiltrating your kids. Some may see this as controlling or sheltering kids, but I see it as focusing on the positives. I’m freeing my kids from negative peers, negative information, and negative behavior.

At least on a daily basis. My kids aren’t kept in a closet. We still go out and have negative interactions: loud kids at the library, several tormentors at the pool, kids acting up at activities.

Your values also line up with what you teach your kids. If you value history, art, and nature, your kids may not be getting that in the traditional school environment. Teaching your children about things you love and value is one of the best things about homeschooling. Your children’s educational journey is centered around your values.

Self directed learning

I think all parents can agree we want our kids to grow up and find work in what they are passionate about, whether it be art, transportation, medicine, manufacturing, ministry, etc. We want our children to be happy, productive members of society. Self directed learning is an awesome way to foster this.

Young adults often don’t know what they want to do because they have never be allowed to explore academia beyond math, science, and reading. If you take an unschooled approach, your child gets to spend their entire day learning and doing things they love. If you use a traditional curriculum, you can add things in that your kids love. AND take things out that they hate or are not ready for. Your children’s educational journey is centered around YOUR CHILDREN!

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I will close my 5 reasons for homeschooling with our homeschool motto: “Kids will tell you what they want to learn. They want to learn, just not bullshit.” Jim Breuer. The comedian Jim Breuer inspired us to consider homeschooling in the first place, and I am so glad we have. Our kids are being educated the way we see fit, according to our values, their learning styles, their readiness, and their interests.

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I never thought we would homeschool, but we have fallen in love with it since we started! Here are 5 reasons why we homeschool our kids and you should too!!

5 thoughts on “Why we homeschool . . . and you should too!”

  1. So many wonderful reasons to homeschool!

    I love that we’ve chosen to homeschool. There are numerous benefits (scheduling being one of my favourites). This year my kids wanted to attend Kids’ Bible STudies weekly, KungFu, Girl Guides, and swimming. If they went to school, we would only be able to manage one extra-curricular activity but since we homeschool, they can do these things they long to do!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. I love that point!! Without the stress of traditional school and homework, it really frees you up to do so many things you wouldn’t have time for otherwise.

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing on Twitter!!

  2. I have a question to home schoolers…what about other kid interaction that they wont get being home schooled? Im seriously thinking about home schooling but thats my only downside to the whole thing

    1. I look at it this way. Kids in public school are interacting with others based on age and geography. They aren’t “learning” new social skills because they are will the same kids year after year. Homeschooled kids find friends based on who they actually want to hang out with and in many different situations. Aside from locking your kids in a closet, they will find other kids to hang out with and make friends.

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